Day 30: They don't like my back end...

Long story short, my insurance went up (again) and now it is at a completely unfair rate.  I found out it was because the car I chose has a high rating for claims and accidents with the insurance company so in turn I get totally screwed over not because I am a bad driver, but because I picked the wrong car.

Strangely enough, if I get another Beetle, my insurance will go down to my current rate (which is still higher than the last time I owned a Beetle).  I decided the best thing to do is to sell the car.  I never really fell in love with the car, and it was just used to get me to and from work, but with the price of gas, insurance, oil changes and maintenance, not to mention the stupid drivers/pedestrians in this city, it's really not worth it.

Seriously, I've had people walk out in front of me with their baby strollers, I've had a guy swing his shoes at me (rollerblader), I've had old men try to run me off the road and I've had wild animals who like to give me loads of stress. I'm just done with it.  The way I see it, why am I driving a car that I never really wanted in the first place and paying so much to do so.  It just doesn't make sense anymore.

So I am on a mission.  Again. I found another Benny, Benny II if you will.  I first saw this car last fall.  I fell in love with it then and propositioned the car lot to do a fair trade of my current vehicle (which is a year newer and has less mileage).  They wrote down my info and promised to call, which they never did.  So I forgot about Benny II.  Until the other day when I was browsing Kijiji and there he was.  The exact same Benny II at the exact same car lot, for a cheaper price.

I contacted the owner who told me that Benny II had sold shortly after I looked at him last fall, but that he was returned because the buyer wanted to a Mercedes and this car lot got the Mercedes in.  Benny II got a new tint job and new tires while he was owned by someone else.  Lucky Benny II.

The thing about my car is that it was in an accident before (not by me) and so I got it for pretty cheap.  It was hit in the back end, but this was all fixed up, so other than it saying on my ownership that this had happened, the car is excellent.

At least I thought so.

I decided that I was going to go and propose another trade for Benny II today.  So I took Eileen (my new car) in to the little spray and wash place (which is never a really great idea when it is -10 out) and sprayed her all down so she looked good as new.  I mean I scrubbed and froze my fingers off making that car look pretty.

Then I drove down the street to the car lot, where in that time the water had all frozen all over the car and made it look horrible again (me and my great ideas).  Also a case of Diet Coke had exploded in the trunk of the car this morning, I was really pushing my luck.

Of course the salesmen put on their charm, let me molest start up Benny II and check out all his new work (I had previously driven this car in the fall so I felt no need to take it out again at this point, didn't want to get myself too attached).

But I wasn't there to fondle a Beetle, I was there to wheel and deal.  I've dealt with a lot of car lot people in this past year, I feel pretty experienced in my ability to tell them what I want or I walk away (and cry about it...a lot....later).  We got talking and the car salesman pointed out that he didn't like my car's back end.

Offended I was.

Pardon moi?  You don't like my car's ass?  WTF dude? He said he could see where they had done the repair job and that it was a pretty bad job they did to fix it.  I have had this car since July, I am a very picky person when it comes to my expensive things and I never had problem with my car's ass...until he pointed it out just today.

This is the best picture I could find of the car, which hardly shows the back end where it was hit, but you get the idea.  Anyway, this salesman said they wouldn't buy my car, but they could bring it to an auction where they could get anywhere from $1500 to $2000 for it.  I paid $8000 in July for this car.

I'm not stupid.  This is a 2004 with 91000km on it.  Tell me where I can find a car with that low km on it for $1500 and I'm sold.

After that, we made a pit stop at the grocery store where we bought all the necessities for big huge banana splits.  I put the bags in the trunk and shook my head, just thinking about how ugly my car's ass is.  So then we came home and made this:

Which helped, for a little bit. Squirting a glob of whipped cream into my mouth also helped a little bit. 

So now I have to drive around town worrying about my car's ass.  I will wonder if people are looking at my car's ass, and I will be grumpy about it because now I feel like I will never be able to sell this car.  This all sort of reminds me of my own ass actually.  My mom always made comments about my "bubble butt that I couldn't have gotten from my father because he has no ass" so I have always been so self conscious about it. Long shirts have been my savior for many years, you know to hide my big bubble butt.

Oh Eileen we are one and the same.  I only hope that someone will see past our asses and pick us to be their very own.

Uhh..that was weird.  I know.

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