Day 3: My bruddah...

(yes I stole this from your Facebook)

He's my baby brother.

Although he's not so much a baby anymore.  Kind of funny but when he was a baby in his ultrasound picture he kind of looked like The Great Gazoo but after he was born he totally didn't.  That sort of blew my mind.

He's an 18 year old bull going on 30.  I mean that in the best possible way.  I swear.  He's more stubborn than anyone I know.

Other than myself.

He's also selfish.  But not like mean selfish, more like the selfish everyone is when they are a teenager.  He deserves to be selfish, we all do.  I'm sure each one of us went through a phase where nothing else in the world matters but ourselves.  It's a hard phase to have to live with, not for the person who is selfish, but for those around them.

and we're bitter because our selfish phase is over with the birth of our children, the beginning of a relationship or even with going away to school and getting a bunch of roommates.

Some people never get over that phase.  Such a shame. 

My brother just moved into his very own apartment.  In downtown Toronto.  Alone.  All the time.  Paying bills.  Making Kraft Dinner and Ramen noodles. Not burning down the building (I hope).

and I'm worried to death.

I watch shows like America's Most Wanted and I just can't stop thinking about him being all alone.  My brother.  The kid I taught how to do his laundry and how to make Kraft Dinner.  The kid who takes showers forever.  The kid who we used to tease all the time when he was little (he's the only boy!).

and here he is paying his own bills, living on his own in a big city and doing his own thing.  I'm so proud of him, but I worry about him, probably more than he would ever imagine.  We tried living together before, and it wasn't that bad, but I know he wanted his own spare more than anything.  Plus I was pretty mean and bitchy (see: mad at the world). Plus we're both insanely stubborn (and he would probably argue that point).

I miss him living in the same house as me, mostly because if a burglar broke in I could point them in his direction and say here...burgle him first please.  (just kidding?)

but he's my brother, and I admire him for his dreams and goals and how he is working hard to get what he wants. He works hard at his job and his appearance, with his opinions and with staying in the shower for an hour, that has to be some kind of hard.

He's so sure of who he is and what he wants to do, even if there are a lot of hardships along the way and I totally respect and admire him for that.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is...
Brother, I love you lots.
(and no I'm not drunk)
I suck at saying things in person.
I miss you.
If you ever need anything please call me first, especially if it's TP and I will tell you some great places to swipe it from.
(ha ha - just kidding *nervous laugh*)
Also please PLEASE pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaase don't go in a car with anybody you don't know no matter how sore your feet are from walking - you will end up on America's Most Wanted.

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