Day 29: ASK EVILFLU: How Makeout-able is Abraham Lincoln?

 On a scale from one to ten - ten being the most makeout-able - how much would you rate Abraham Lincoln? by dianashamdai

 Oh man, this is a hard one! I mean Abraham Lincoln had some pretty great makeout-able features, most of them personality wise, you know that whole "honest Abe" thing is a major turn on.

I guess it depends on the context you look at him from. If he was just regular old Abe, there really isn't much potential there, rather than personality so I would give him a 5/10.

Then we have Abraham Lincoln in the Night at the Museum movie. Totally cool guy with his shiny stone body...that brings him up a notch or two. Let's say 8/10 for this Abraham.

This Abe is totally makeout-able. 10/10!!

Now let me just take a moment here to pay respect to the best makeout-able Abe ever.  The Abraham Lincoln from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure who unfortunately died in 2000.  I had no idea I had been living in a world so long without this Abraham.  He will be missed.    Also sad is this is the only picture I could find of him (yes this was the biggest one).  This is tragic. Someone should make a fan site or something to honour this Abraham. I have to admit though, Napoleon was the best in that movie!

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