Day 28: What ever happened to customer service?

This is our "NOT HAPPY" face

The past couple days I've been going through Evilboy's clothes and toys, gathering stuff up to get rid of.  It's all about downsizing right now.  I am in downsize mode, or spring cleaning before spring, if you will.

I gathered up quite a bit of stuff, most of which were probably worthless to this store (how on earth does one child have so many jeans with holes in the knees??) so I donated them to Goodwill (hey, the hole look is in sometimes, or maybe they can be cut into shorts or recycled?).

I figured anything that didn't sell at this store could then be passed on to his younger cousin, and then to his younger cousin, which would lead to his younger cousin...the list goes on and on.

So I packed the stuff up all neatly in Rubbermaid bins.  I packed up some toys, especially the ones that hurt the most when I step on them, and put them all in the trunk of my car with the intention of bringing them in to the store.  In the end I had two Rubbermaid boxes of items.  One of clothes, one of toys.

Right after work I picked up Evilboy from daycare and drove all the way across town (in rush hour) to arrive at this store at 5:15pm (this is important, trust me).  I wasn't sure if they were purchasing toys at this time because the last time I was in, the aisle was so messy and overrun with toys that it seemed to me they had too many, so I decided I should go in and ask first before lugging in the bins.

I went in and asked, and I was informed that they were purchasing toys and clothing.  When I told them I was going to retrieve my bins from the car and I would be right back, Mrs. RudeFace "Buyer" told me not to bother because they were too busy to look through items and that she was leaving the store soon anyway and the other girl there Mrs. BigDumbFace, was not able to purchase items.  I figured it was because I told them I had a whole bin of clothes so I offered to bring in the toys only, to which Mrs. RF rolled her big rude eyes and said no.

The thing is, there is a big sign on the store which states their buying hours are until 6pm.  I was there at 5:15, and after arguing with these tools it was now 5:20.  So if that were the case, why not tell people their buying hours are until 5:15 and no later.

So I left.

and I will never return.

but I had to write a nasty letter to the manager and cc corporate as well.  You see, being an administrative professional makes me a good letter writer.  I have taken to writing letters  to all kinds of companies and people that piss me off.  Sometimes I send them, sometimes I don't, either way it is a good way to relieve stress.

The thing is, this company has been treating the people of this city like assholes for far too long.  I know many people who have horror stories of this store and the rude staff.  I never had to experience it first hand until now, and I am pissed!

I hope they enjoy their nice little letter I wrote them.

Now I must go and start listing my stuff on Kijiji.

One good thing about our wasted trip, we got to see a pretty awesome police takedown!

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