Day 25: Peek A Blocks...

These have always been my favourite baby toy.  I have held on to these things for years.  They have moved three times with us. Three different houses these blocks have been lugged around to. The thing is, this isn't even half of them.  The collection goes on and on.  Another one of my obsessions I guess.

I collected these blocks insanely.  I would dig through bins of Peek A Block packages to find a set we already didn't own, because I loved them so much.  Mason played with them maybe a total of five minutes his entire life.

I tried to sell them on Kijiji last year.  I started to panic when I realized I was about to get rid of these toys. I thought of all the uses for them.  When the person didn't show up, I took the ad down and kept them for Mason to play with (which he never did).  

Since then they have been sitting in a basket in the basement, and with big changes to come, I'm afraid it has come time to part with "my" "collection" and move on to downsizing.

Yep.  Downsizing.

Ever since my mom told me I should be on Hoarders , and some other things that came up recently, I have decided to do a sweep of the house and downsize everything.  Beginning with the Peek A Blocks.

I'm tough. I will get through this.  *sniff*

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