Day 24: Who We Are....

Even before he was born I knew what he was going to be like.  I was absolutely starving every morning before 5am when I was pregnant.  I would lay in bed thinking about food.  I would dream about eating things like cheesecake and banana splits and lemonades with big giant lemons in it.  I used to go to sleep with a pack of those Special K bars (mmmm...Special K bars).  It all started when we went to visit R.'s brother in Windsor and I was worried about how I would deal with being so hungry and waking up everyone in the house as I raided their cupboards and shoved my face full of their favourite cereal.  So I brought my own snack.  To prevent disruption even further, I slept with the box and then I went around thinking I was a genius for coming up with that idea. I still kind of think I am.

So I wasn't surprised when Mason was born as a ravenous hunter of food.  He absolutely loved food.  He would make this sound when he ate that was kind of like a gasp and I was so worried that he was broken or his throat hole didn't shut right.  Turns out he just liked to fast as he could.  None of that really changed.  It's just who he is.

Then he went through the vehicle phase.  Everything the kid touched was a car, complete with car noises.  This began really early on, as soon as he started making noises, everything sounded like a car.  Dad's shoes, baby wipe boxes, a live lobster we bought to eat one time.  They were all cars. Cars are his life.

That's just who he is.

Poor lobster had no idea what was coming next.

Just today I learned of the next phase of Mason. It's magic.  He is a magician, and I have to brag a little, he is a pretty darn good magician!  While I was busy tidying up after a wild sixth birthday party he watched an instructional DVD on how to be a magician with a kit he got at his party.  Some of the tricks he showed me blew me away.  Okay, that's not really that hard to do, but still his tricks were pretty amazing (and he was a pretty cute magician I might add).


I've enjoyed learning about who he is for six years now (and yes, that makes me feel super-old). 

Who am I?

I am a lover of photography.

 I love taking pictures with my most favourite boy.

I love cat hats (not just in the winter).

I love Hello Kitty

I like messy hair and big sunglasses

I love my phone.

Who are you?


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