Day 23 - The End of Birthdays...

It's over.

Mason's sixth birthday week is finished and done.
No more presents.  No more parties.  No more CAKE.  Today was the last of it all (and I am a little glad it's all over).

Usually I have two separate birthday parties. One for his school friends and one for family.  I thought it was a brilliant idea last year when I was feeling like I was neglecting the family over the friends at the museum parties because I didn't want to miss a thing.

Two parties is exhausting, and expensive!

The whole point though was to spend time with family separate from friends, and although I like the idea, every year when the family party rolls around and I have to get the house ready and decorate and buy a cake and balloons and have a whole bunch of people squeeze into my family room, I find myself getting crabby.  Which doesn't mix well when you have family over.  It makes dealing with the fish food dumped on the floor of your office a whole lot harder to deal with when you are already stressed from pre-party preparation.

This is the last year of separate parties.  From now on we will be united again, school kids and family alike.  I'm sure at some point this was a good idea, especially the year when we had something like 20 adults and 14 kids at the museum for a party.

Of course there were more toys to join the pile of unopened toys that are still sitting from Christmas and last week's party.  Of course there were tears over possessions from my "only child" and pin the tail on the donkey that turned almost tragic, but being with family is what it's all about and I really think everyone had a good time.

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