Day 21: Girl Talk Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is my first time playing "Girl Talk Thursday" so be nice.  I'm pretty excited though because to be honest I had absolutely nothing to write about today.  Well I did, but I couldn't get my thoughts out in writing, does that ever happen to you?

So this edition of Girl Talk Thursday focuses on pet peeves, which is also pretty exciting because I am a chronic complainer.  However, I thought this would be an easy topic for me to write about, but I'm having a really hard time remembering what all my pet peeves are.  I usually only think about them as they are happening, but I promise I will try my best to list them out for you.

Rude People - This would include those who butt in line (I'm thinking of you "Dollarama Man"), and those who cut you off while driving or take your turn at a stop sign.  I especially don't enjoy the people who let a door slam in your face rather than holding it for a quick second, but even more so I hate the people who don't say thank you when you hold open a door for them.  I don't know why it bothers me so much, I mean it's two little words.  I say thank you fifty bajillion times a day, and I mean it, so I guess I just want people to return the favour once in a while.

Whiny People - Those who whine about how shitty their life is, how someone did something wrong and now they have to fix it or when they whine about their figure and they are a size 0.   I especially hate it when they start to cry as they are whining.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for hearing about your issues, otherwise I would be a pretty shitty friend, but when you are crying because someone hung up the phone on you too quickly or a store wouldn't give your money back for the bikini bottoms that didn't fit your size 0 ass, I don't want to hear it.

Lazy People - People who use you as a door mat.  This is the age of the Internet, smart phones and yes even your regular telephone.  If you want information on something, call yourself to get it.  Don't call me and ask me to look up movie times for you on my "Internet thingy" because it just aggravates the heck out of me.  I'm not going to drop everything I'm doing to look up the number for the movie theater for you, I don't want to read your entire report back to you over the phone and I sure as heck will not write an e-mail and say it's from you.  Do. It. Yourself.

Bad Drivers - I kind of touched on this before with rude people, but it has to be said.  The way people drive around here is appalling! I've seen people yapping away on their cell phones and almost running over pedestrians/cyclists, running red lights just from not paying attention, driving so close that they are almost touching my bumper. I am not the world's greatest driver by any means, but I am careful and I do follow the rules.  Parking is a whole other thing though.

Dollar Store Toys - I'm sorry if you are a dollar store toy lover, but I honestly think these things should be banished.  Every single time EvilBoy has been given a dollar store toy it has broken as soon as it came out of the package, heck most of the time it was broken IN the package.  Every time I walk through the toy aisle in these stores I just think of all these toys and how they are hurting the environment (shut up, stop calling me David Suzuki). These toys last a day, at the most.  There is the packaging that goes to the landfill and then the toy is soon to follow.  Then there is the energy and materials it takes to actually make this item.  It just makes me sick to think of it.

Gossipers - The people who find your life fascinating, so fascinating in fact that they must go and rush to tell someone else where you are or what you're doing and try to analyze every thing you do. Even though at first it did make me feel all like Brangelina-ish to have someone so interested in everything I do, after a while it got pretty much annoying so ties had to be cut. I'm really not a fascinating person, I don't know how this person found so much to talk about and to have the other person listen.  I mean you can only tell how someone went to Wal-Mart shopping so many times before it gets to be old news. 

Internet Acronyms - I'm terrible for this one myself, mostly with LOL.  I used to love these things back in the IRC days, but ever since my mother started using them I find them to be a bit of an annoyance.  My mother told me she wrote "FFS" on someone's wall today on Facebook.  I don't want to know whose, but I hope it wasn't mine.

Pushy People - Those who won't take no for an answer, especially when they ask over and over.  No means no.  It doesn't mean  maybe or oh yes please I really enjoyed that you asked me twice so now the answer is yes.  It means NO.  If I say "maybe" this gives you the opportunity to ask again in the near future.

Smoking- Smoking is so bad for you, but you can quit.  I hear it's pretty hard, but if you are having trouble quitting, let me tell you what I went through with a smoker.  Let me tell you about his struggles with smoking and how it all ended.  It's not a nice story.

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