Day 2: Creature Feature...

[This was actually supposed to be posted last year.  I hit draft instead of post you go...better late than never I always say!]

I was alone pretty much all weekend.

Except when I went to my work party and when I joined the herds of annoyed shoppers trying to find that last minute deal.

Usually on weekends I like to take pictures.

But I didn't have a subject.

So the lucky creatures of the house got to pose for me.

I know I promised some better pictures of the guinea pigs a while back, and I really did mean to take them, but one of the guinea pigs got really sick.  It was terrible.  The way she was acting, hardly moving, moping around.  I didn't know what was going on with her.

and then I gave her cucumber.

and she started perking up and running around the cage and fighting with her brother again.

The moral of the story: Cucumber is a miracle drug for dying guinea pigs.

Then we have Chuck.

I am dying to get my hands on Chuck to put some cute little hair clips in his beautiful fur.

but he's afraid of me.

I think it's because I pick him up and make faces like this:

but I still love the little grump, even if he thinks I'm mean.

You may remember this guy.  This is Batman.

He's still an asshole.

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