Day 19: Psychic(ish)

Sometimes I feel like I'm a little bit psychic.

...but not in the creepy crystal-ball, come in and clean my house, we built a shower in our apartment that leaked into yours sort of way.

Don't try to understand that last sentence, it probably doesn't make sense to you at all.

But sometimes I have dreams and they come true.  Which is really kind of scary because I have some pretty messed up dreams!

These "visions" play out more like déjà vu. Like one time I was standing in front of my dryer loading in clothes and for some reason I remember the exact same thing happening in my dream. Right down to which clothing items I was holding in my hand at that very moment.

Then there are the times when I have these strange coincidence things, which is normal, but when they start happening in multiples it gets a little too creepy.

 For instance, yesterday I was at my desk, daydreaming and such as I usually do on Monday mornings.  Usually I daydream about shopping or Disneyland or my bed, but this morning in particular I was daydreaming about new glasses.  I was just thinking how I should get a new pair of glasses because I keep falling asleep with the old ones on and now they are all bent to hell.  Not to mention, they are two prescriptions old.  So I never wear them, and when I do I end up looking like this:

(stupid) or maybe even (Harry Potter's twin sister).

So I was thinking about these glasses and how wearing them would be so much easier than poking my eyeballs in each morning with my contacts.  Not to mention think of the money I would save by not having to buy contact lens solution.

So I figured out a way I could afford new glasses (barely) and made plans to visit the glasses store after work.

Plans changed slightly when I decided to put off glasses shopping for a day that wasn't Monday and I went straight home instead.  I checked my mailbox and there was a flyer for a new glasses store that was opening up . It was buy one pair, get two free PLUS you get a free eye exam.   It sounds like a great deal, but I'm a little freaked out by it.  You know in movies when this sort of stuff happens something bad goes along with it.  For some reason the only example for a movie with this sort of situation is Gremlins.  I don't know why, but that movie was pretty damn scary.

Even though it was Monday and it was a pretty dull day, somehow we ended up talking about windshield wiper fluid in my office.  I love talking about windshield washer fluid because I have a pretty amazing story!  When I bought the Beetle, one of the first things I bought was windshield wiper fluid.  Unfortunately I never got to use it (see: unfortunately).  That wasn't the amazing part though, I have had my current car for a few months now, some of which during pretty crappy weather, and I have put a lot of mileage into this car.  I was amazed that I still have that full bottle of washer fluid in the back of my car, still unopened.

I bragged about my huge wiper fluid  tank and how amazing it was that I have never had to fill it, not even once.

Then my *lovely* co-worker pointed out that I recently had an oil change and that I bring my car to the shop pretty much every other week (because I'm a paranoid loser) and that the mechanic was most likely topping up the fluids when I brought it in.

I'm not gonna lie, I felt like a dumb ass.

I feel like even more of a dumb ass now though because wouldn't you know it, as I was driving home after work I caught a glimpse of a bright orange light on my dask.

Right away I think OMGTHECARISGOINGTOEXPLODEIHAVETOPULLOVER, but then rational flu kicked in and I decided to wait until I saw the flashing light blink again.  Sure enough, as I went around a corner the light flashed again and guess what light it was.

The wiper fluid light.

Which makes me wish I had talked about winning the lottery that day.

Remind me to dream of winning the lottery more often, and then remind me to play because I never do.

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