Day 12: Mistakes Happen, admit it.

  This picture was a mistake.  But it still ended up being pretty cool. 

When something goes wrong people are quick to throw the blame.

There is no way I could have done that because I was in the bathroom at 1:30 on Tuesday, I distinctly remember.
It was an administrative error.

I don't write with blue pen.  Ever.
I know better so it wasn't me.
I had to cut that guy off. 
It was the dog.

and I've heard excuses like these used for the STUPIDEST things.

We all make mistakes. 

We all do.

My kid.
Your kid.
Your grandmother.


So I'm not too sure where these people are coming from when the blame can never be placed on them.  Nobody is perfect.  I'm certainly not perfect, I make mistakes all the time.

That doesn't make me better than someone who doesn't make mistakes though, and you know why?

Because we all make mistakes!

Admit it.
Embrace it.

We learn from our mistakes. In fact, if we didn't make mistakes none of these cool things would have been invented:

Corn Flakes:
Corn flakes were invented when some cooked wheat went stale and these two guys rolled it out and it became flaky. I have a bit of a problem with this whole story.  I mean the guys left the food out overnight and were going to feed it to their patients anyway?  Food poisoning much?  I all of a sudden don't like corn flakes.

Silly Putty:
You see, when an inventor guy was trying to make a rubber substitute, he "accidentally" dropped boric acid into silicone oil and voila! Silly Putty was born.  I actually couldn't imagine living in a world without Silly Putty.  Without it what would other things would I be able to transfer pictures from newspaper and stretch the crap out of them. 

Post-It Notes:
These little treasures came to be when one dude decided he wanted to stick a bookmark in his hymn book and he remembered another dude he knew had made this glue that was a complete fail and nobody knew what to do with it until Mr. Hymn Book guy used it to stick his bookmark in his hymn book, then he probably stuck a note on his computer monitor reminding him not to turn off his work computer on Wednesday nights because that is when updates are installed but he would get so used to it being there that he would forget about it and always turn his computer off on Wednesday nights.  Not that I know anything about that or anything.

The slinky was created when a guy was making springs for a boat or something like that and then it fell off the shelf and it kept moving and he thought it was awesome (who wouldn't) and he probably became a bajillionaire.  I mean really, what walks down stairs, alone or in pairs and makes a slinketty sound? Only a Slinky, that guy was awesome!

Play-Doh was supposed to be wallpaper cleaner.  Which is really a shame that it turned into colourful playing dough that wouldn't poison children because wallpaper cleaner would be pretty awesome. Apparently it was sold as wallpaper cleaner at one point but then some brilliant teacher decided to let the kids in her class play with wallpaper cleaner, because you know, she wanted them to die from playing with something used to clean wallpaper.  Is it just me, or does the smell of Play-Doh make you want to make out with things? Like madly.

So the next time you make a mistake, shrug it off.

Maybe you just invented something awesome.

or maybe you accidentally blew up your office.

Either way, you learned something from the experience.

So please stop blaming others, especially the dog, we all know you did it.

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