Day 1: 2009 In Review

It's 2010. 
I can't believe it.  
I hate writing 2010, it makes my fingers hurt. 
But I promise this will be a good year.  It has to be

Today is the first day of my goal to blog every single day this year. 
I honestly don't think I will be able to make it - I mean I'm really not that interesting. 
But I am going to try my best.  I have to.

To celebrate 2010 and to have an official send-off to 2009, I have decided to do a "quick" recap of 2009 bloggity goodnesses.  Enjoy!


The year started off with a wonderful trip to the doctor's office where I left with a toe that will never be the same again!  I fell in love with an electronic device.  My itty bitty baby turned five and I reflected on the first five years of his life.  Shortly after that I wrote a post apologizing for things in his life that could possibly screw him up for life. We had a pretty amazing time at his birthday party at the Children's Museum (where they have the best photography lighting ever!)

In February we battled the wildlife in our front yard.We learned a lot about temper tantrums and I fell madly in love with a car. I got a little sentimental and shared feelings about an old love. We adopted a rodent, which actually blows my mind because I could have sworn this little guy was in our life a lot longer and it hasn't even been a year yet.  I began to woo the car of my dreams, and was semi-successful. I even learned that my son doesn't have any hearing problems as I previously thought he had.  Turns out he has something all men have - selective hearing. The readers were so lucky to read all about my love for all U things. Lastly, we learned about the capacity of Swedish-manufactured furniture.


March started off very well when I brought home my "second baby".  I even got around to compliling that Bucket List.  I was horrified by the way my child ate a chocolate bar.  I outlined my vulnerabilities for the entire world to see while Mason became an ambassador for food drives all over the world, at least in his mind anyway. The month was finished off with me trying (and failing miserably) to relive my childhood through a boy band.


April began as a pretty awesome month as I said goodbye to public transportation and became a driver! I became a boy, at least on paper. Becoming a boy helped me to get the extra confidence I needed to go all "Crocodile Hunter" on that snake!  I figured out which traits my son inherited from me and which ones were his father's responsibility. Mason was recognized in the local paper for his work with the food drive at daycare, which was pretty much way better than anything I did all year. I reflected on the past four years without him. We also learned that "Monkey" has a problem with shoplifting.

May began with me worrying (what else is new?).  I witnessed my son growing up before my eyes and he asked the dreaded question which pretty much makes him all grown up now. Speaking of growing up, I became older and more bitter. The flowers began to bloom in my garden, which made me want to educate myself a bit more in horticulture. May became pretty interesting when I discovered more about the actual trunk capacity of a beetle and I even got to become an evil stepmother, sort of. The month ended with me figuring out exactly where I stood when compared to our television.


June began just like any other month when I professed my love for a robot in disguise.  I made the terrible decision to adopt the asshole but overall I was feeling lucky to be his mom.  I felt good about sharing my lawn mowing knowledge with all the internet people out there who needed help operating their lawnmowers and I gave my dad a shout out on Father's Day because he's pretty much a cool dad.  Things turned pretty crappy when I ran over Bambi's mom, but not before she kicked the shit out of my car.  Mason grew up a little more.  Then I had to say goodbye.


In July someone in the family got a new car (actually two of us got a new car, but I didn't blog about my new car for some strange reason). I also learned that hamsters are pretty good at playing the piano. I almost followed dating advice from Justin Timberlake, but decided against it, yet I am still single.  Maybe I should have taken his advice? Meanwhile, I pleaded for someone in the world to send me an exorcist.  I picked up a couple of  hot men and I pondered marriage proposals for no apparent reason.  We dealt with the school bully and my baby grew up even more and caught his first fish!  I also wished I was Uncle Rico and had a time machine


The month started out with a guy at a bus stop told me I had nice boobies as we drove by and I started a brand new blog. I learned more about my quirks and things just worked out for us.  We learned more about who we are and I learned more about parenting.  Toucan Sam got on my nerves so I wrote him a letter, which is what I usually do when I am angry.  My sister and I went ghost boy hunting.  There was a small bike accident which left my kid looking like Octomom.  Then, just as Mason was getting ready to start school, the bully strikes again!


September began with me getting a stay-at-home-mom experience.  We said goodbye to old friends, and met new friends at big school.  I learned about real compliments and I got hit on by Ronald McDonald (and I secretly liked it).  I realized that animals don't really love me as much as I thought they do and I loved me some fairs (and corn dogs, I loved me lots of corn dogs). I also learned that my kid thinks I'm cool, which was pretty much awesome.


October began and I learned that my kid was the biggest in his class.  Just before Thanksgiving Mason got his very first (and hopefully last) puncture wound and ruined my favourite dish towel.  We were thankful for things and we were also photogenic.  I had to deal with one of my phobias and I confessed to the world reasons why I am scary.  Speaking of scary, I dabbled in Internet dating.  Then Mason lost a piece of himself and I compiled a list of things that creep me out.


The first post of November was actually a review of Halloween from October so it really doesn't belong in November but I was pretty tired after trick or treating that the post didn't get out until November.  There now I have explained why my son is dressed up as Harry Potter.  We also learned how to play frisbee, which was a little late in the season, but learning was so much fun that I don't mind having to learn all over again next summer.  We had a good day and then I dreaded the holidays (like I always do).  I remembered the best granny in the whole wide world on what would have been her 80th birthday.  How lucky we were to run into "Little Dad" again.  Then, as if I wasn't crazy enough, we adopted more rodents!


December is always a busy month! I started off by spreading my germs.  Then I got in the Christmas spirit, in fact I was feeling pretty good about the whole season that I decided to do a favour for my readers.  Then we visited a fat, jolly guy who reminded me of someone.  We even made a gingerbread house that didn't collapse!  I got to gush over new babies and wish mine was a baby again.  We got some great deals on things and gave stuff to people.  Then we had a wonderful Christmas and set some goals for the new year. 

From my family to yours, we wish you all the best in 2010 and thank you for visiting us!

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