The Weekend (photo version)...

I am in love with this time of year right now.  Seriously.  In love.

Like so in love I could totally make out with this time of year.


Although I could live without the pushy shoppers who run you over with their cart.  It hurts.  Ask my friend.  Though it's different when your friend runs you over with their cart because you know they are sorry.  It hurts a little more when an old lady with cigarette smoke stained hair and orange teeth runs you over.  Mostly because she doesn't apologize and gives you stink eye.  It's different when your friend runs you over and then laughs hysterically (I can't help it, I laugh when I'm nervous!).

The Christmas party for my work was on Saturday.  A few weeks ago I ruined the zipper in my favourite dress when I zipped up a whole bunch of thread through it and the zipper got stuck.  Then when I tried to get the thread out, the zipper got stuck even more.  Then when I finally picked it out from the zipper teeth, the zipper was no longer in line and tragedy ensued from there.  My favourite dress...the only dress I didn't mind wearing was now only a potential wardrobe malfunction.

I had to buy a dress.

A cheap dress.

That was used.

So I went to Value Village where I ended up finding a dress that an old lady might have died in, either that or somebody probably had sex in it *shudder* ...but at least I would be let into the party now and be escorted out when they mistook me for a hobo in my street clothes.

While I was checking out, I looked over my shoulder and saw a Playmobil advent calendar.  I LOVE Playmobil things.  I used to play with them when I was little.  I just adore them, I think it's the attention to detail.  I picked up the box without even looking, just knowing that some pieces would be missing anyway, but for $1.50 it was well worth it as Mason has a few sets of Playmobil and the pieces could just add to his collection. Imagine my surprise when I opened it to find this:

Every single piece was there, and it was completely unopened.  So I stayed up late Friday night after Mason had went to sleep to put together each of these little boxes:

Only to be awakened early Saturday morning  by a kid who couldn't wait to get his little paws on the treats inside.

I'm excited to open up the box for December 24th and unleash this little dude....

Today I had to finish my Christmas shopping.  With Mason at his grandmother's house, it was perfect timing to sneak out into the mobs (of maniacs) to finish up my list. 

Well that didn't go so well.

I am a terrible present buyer.  I think for the most part, it's because I'm cheap. 

I said it.

I'm cheap.

...but I have to be, because I am also poor.  So I am poor and cheap.  Which is a good combination if you have time to find bargain items for the people you love, and you know if you start shopping early enough you can find some great deals. 

My mind always plays tricks on me though.  I think about how much people will hate about the things I buy them and then have a bitch fest later about how cheap I am and how stupid the gifts I pick out are.

and that used to bother me a lot.

but now I don't care. 

If you don't like it, good.  You're an asshole anyway. 

It's not like I go into the store and pick out the cheapest item I can find and put someone's name on it.  It's not like that at all.  I spend a lot of time making the decision as if it is the most important decision in the world.  I try to think of that person and things they would like and I try to stick to a budget. 

Even thought they are not mind-blowing gifts, they have a lot of thought and care put into them. 

and that is what should matter.

One group I have always had a hard time picking out items for is men.  People like my dad, my uncles, my mechanic... men are just hard to shop for.  Of course that is my opinion, and I'm sure a lot of you think men are easy to shop for.  Not me.  No way! 

The only man I could shop for comfortably was R.  I knew what he wanted, pretty much because he gave me a very specific list each year, as I did for him as well, and that worked well for the both of us.  Even though he would specify things like The Rolling Stones' greatest hits album, I always found things like a little skeleton box carved out of wood, that I knew he would like.  Again, that's what it's all about.  Showing somebody you care enough to pick out a gift that reminds you of them, something that they would appreciate (hopefully).  It shouldn't matter how much it costs.

So I'm not entirely done my shopping.  In fact, the only people left on my list are men. 

My intention was to buy boxes of chocolate, but after seeing the price tag and not getting the "perfect gift" vibe from the boxes of chocolates, I decided to bake cookies for the people who were getting chocolates instead.

Those who know me will note here that I am not a baker.  Heck, I just recently learned how to cook, so baking is way out of my league. 

...and okay so maybe they didn't turn out perfect, and we had a few casualties:

 At least I can say that some turned out pretty nicely and that I think my mechanic will enjoy this little gift.
and I do know it is kind of weird to give a gift to your mechanic at Christmas, but my mechanic has done so much for me this year. 

(plus I'm overdue for an oil change and I don't want him to yell at me)

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