This is me.

Minus the unibrow and the green fur.
Although sometimes having green fur all over your body would be pretty awesome. 

The unibrow wouldn't be so bad either. 

I'm mean.
I hate things.
I hate crowds of people.
I say mean things to hurt you.

Because I'm angry.

I push friends away.
I feel sorry for myself and my son.
I hate when good things happen for you
Because I feel like we are against each other.

I'm depressed.
I'm lonely.
I'm bitter.
My only friend is a worm named slimey
...okay that wasn't true
I could only dream of having a worm like slimey.

This is the end though. 
No more pushing people who love us away.
No more judging people, trying to find flaws.
No more comparisons.

It's time to live again.
It's time to be happy.
If not for myself, than for this guy

Because he deserves it.
I deserve it.
My friends and family deserve it.

I'll give myself a couple more hours of grouchiness
Just to make the transition easier.

But tomorrow the new me will emerge.
Sort of like a butterfly or some shit like that.
I will see the beautiful things - and probably take pictures of them.
I will live without fear ehhh....let's not go too far with this.

I will love me.
I will love him.
I will love you.

Because we all deserve it.

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