Now with less Grinch!

The holiday season is now in full swing! You pretty much know the season has begun when every other commercial is a holiday tear jerker and you hear four different versions of Feliz Navidad on the radio every day.

Even though I said I wasn't okay with it, I think I kind of am.

We decorated the office reception area the other day.  I was in charge of the window clings.  Apparently if you get drunk on fireball egg nog at the office one year and lick all the window clings one time, people refuse to do that job for years afterward.  I should have licked something awesome like the star on the top of the tree so I could have been in charge of that too.  Maybe I will go to work and lick it on Monday.

I did a wonderful job with the window clings though.  I really should have taken a picture to prove to you my awesome window cling sticking skillz.  As I was licking the big giant Santa cling, I noticed not only was I putting them on backwards and that they actually stuck better if you used the proper side, but I also noticed that I was in a Christmassy mood!  Then the clings started to taste gross so I let the dog lick the rest of them.  I just have to make sure I remember that for next year.

I am in love with the holiday season right now.  The lights on the tree, those little dangly stuffed animal things that jingle every time the door opens, the smell of the cool night air, the lights in the park, Christmas specials on TV, the holiday coffee cups that now litter our sidewalks (pick up your litter, yo!).  These are all things that remind me of happy times, except the littered coffee cups - that kind of angers me.

I have to laugh at myself for getting so worked up for nothing.  This is all great.

If R. were alive, this would probably be the year he would reenact a scene from A Christmas Story (not the Mary and Joseph version, I mean the movie).  If you knew him you probably already guessed the scene from A Christmas Story where the dad points out the wrapped Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time behind the desk.  It would have been exactly the same way. R. would hide it from me, and I would disapprove but allow it anyway because I could see that glimpse in his eye (that he would end up shooting out after our son would go to bed that evening).

I want to bake.  I want to turn off all the lights, except for our tree, and watch Christmas Vacation in my snowflake pyjamas.  I want to drink egg nog and lick your Christmas decorations.  I want to wrap presents and listen to Michael Bolton's Christmas album and do emotional hand movements while doing so. I want to be with my family, as crazy as that may sound.

It might be the great deals I've been getting ($130 wii!) or the fact that my shopping is almost complete *evil laugh* and that we are not almost homeless after getting some great deals during my shopping excursions, or the fact that I am in love with telling grinchy people that they will be visited by three ghosts, but it may have been that my heart was two sizes too small.

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  1. Glad you've found the spirit of the season, Nikki! When you've got kids at home, it's the most wonderful fuzzy-warm experience imaginable. Even before the rum kicks in. You and Mason are gonna create some beautiful moments that you'll both remember for a lifetime. Enjoy those moments to the max. Cheers and Merry Christmas.