Tis the season....for people to be jerks. 

Some of them cut you off while driving without an ounce of second thought.

Some fail to hold the door/elevator for you (welcome to my office building)

Some even give you stink eye.

I don't blame these people for being jerks, heck sometimes I'm a bit of a jerk too.  Like today when I made my whole office listen to Michael Bolton's Christmas Album.  I sure as heck enjoyed it, them not so much, but they did the right thing and didn't bad mouth my Michael Bolton until his CD had been out of the player for four hours.  They had the kindness to keep their bickering in for that long, and for that I am thankful.

After all, Michael Bolton is a god.

There I said it.

and even though I totally (heart) Michael Bolton, I hope you hear me out when I say this...

Let's work on our kindness people.

I know life can be a big ball of suck sometimes.  Case in point, myself.  I get everything I want, I get to touch it, love it, make babies with it, drive around in it until a deer smashes in my passenger door and takes off with my mirror.  I had it all at some point, and then just like that it's gone.  That is a big ball of suck. I often wonder what else I have to lose at this point.  Almost makes me invincible since I feel like I've got almost nothing left, and it's a pretty shitty deal and I am a jerk about it sometimes.

Sometimes I cut people off while driving (only if they deserved it), sometimes I have a short temper, sometimes I yell at people until I want to cry, and it's tiring.

Being a jerk is pretty hard work.  You have to push your emotions away and just be mean without fearing repercussions like a punch in the face or someone following you home and smashing out your taillights with a baseball bat.

Being nicer is so much easier.

I think a lot of people are under the wrong impression that being nice always means having to spend money, when in fact it really doesn't have to be that way. Here are some ways you can be nice without having to reach into your pockets:

  • Saving tabs from pop cans before you put them in the recycling.  You know some kid is going to be collecting them for their school at some point, why not leave them behind in a little jar until then. 
  • Donating your time.  I know it can be a strain to do such a thing when you already work a full-time job, but there are lots of organizations out there that could even use help like stuffing envelopes from your home or making phone calls in your spare time.  
  • Saving small insects from certain death.  This has been huge for me lately.  Ladybugs have been appearing in our office mysteriously.  There has been 2-3 everyday and nobody knows where they are coming from.  So I have been collecting them in tissue and releasing them outside.  It didn't occur to me that this was probably just killing them faster since it is so cold out (thanks for telling me that after I've been releasing these little guys for weeks now a-holes - oops that wasn't nice!).  This morning I rescued a worm that was in the middle of the parking lot.  I put him in the sand and as I sat here tonight thinking about that little worm, I realized that worms don't live in sand and that he was probably trying to get away from the sand.  So I guess be nice to creatures, but do your research first. 
  • Don't call people a-holes. Apparently they don't like that. 
  • Hold the elevator/door open for people.  Even if they are jerks who never do it for you or walk right by when you do hold open the elevator and don't say anything, and even though it frustrates you and makes you want to go and pull that beehive hairdo off her stupid head, you should just smile and chuckle to yourself, that person totally looked like an a-hole for doing that and you are the nice one.  Way to go champ!
  • Let people in when traffic is congested - but only one person because if you let a whole row of cars in then you will look like the a-hole. Chances are the person you let in is going to drive like a total moron and slow down your whole late, then everybody will hate you.  If you only let one in then your chances are slim that the person drives like a moron so you look like a nice person. 
  • Listen to Michael Bolton. He makes beautiful music that makes you a happier person.
  • Smile at people.  Besides, you're uglier when you frown. 
  • Listen to what people have to say.  Even if they are boring as crap, sometimes people really need to be listened to. 
  • Bring an extra snack with your lunch.  People love free food!
  • Work on somebody's farm on Farmville.  People love when they think that you love them (but really you will get coins and xp points so you really love yourself more than them).  
  • Maybe work on a real farm.  Nobody likes to shovel their horse's crap.
  • Bake cookies for the whole office.  That way you don't eat them all by yourself while watching re-runs of Grey's Anatomy and yelling at the TV for McDreamy to get away from Meredith because she's creepy. 
  • Pretend you like Twilight.  You will be doing a teenage girl a favour.
  • Recycle. Save the earth.  Seriously. 
I'm sure there are many more, but you get the idea.  If everybody vowed to be a little nicer each day and did a couple acts of kindness here and there, the world would be a greater place for everyone.  If everyone was nicer maybe there would be no wars (dreamer) and maybe those stop the TV tax ads would stop being rolled out every other commercial.  Maybe the Swiss Chalet commercials wouldn't make me cry so much.  Maybe our kids would learn to be nicer and maybe Michael Bolton would make beautiful music again.

Kindness is a powerful thing.

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