It came with packages, boxes and bags...

I love Christmas.

I hate having to find places for all these new toys though.   I could also live without having to open a new toy every ten minutes and surely could live without having to put together the 55 billion pieces of Lego to form a stupid bulldozer (what was I thinking?). 

My living room looks like Toys R Us took a big giant dump in the middle of it, leaving behind mounds and mounds of toys.  All of which are in need of a permanent resting place.  Even though it is now officially three days past the big event, the toys still litter the living room floor simply because I have nowhere to put them. 

It doesn't end here either folks, there is a birthday coming up in less than a month - help me!

Our Christmas was wonderful.

Seeing family, spending time together, playing Operation for hours with your kid is what it's all about. It's funny how this seems to be the first year that I actually have noticed how wonderful this time of year really is. 

On Saturday we drove three hours to visit more family. 

A family that took me in as one of their own and I cannot even begin to explain how happy that makes me. 

I love that family so much. 

I especially love how my Baba puts post-it notes on the table where each food item will be and how my Dedo writes everything that is in their freezer on a note on the side of the fridge.  Organization people, more people should learn it because it makes life a heck of a lot easier. 

I wish I had more organizational skills. 

We made the three hour journey home the next day after sleeping on the hardest bed in the world (the kid's words, not mine, I swear!) in a room full of eclectic treasures from my childhood like Beanie Babies and Spice Girls collector plates. When we finally arrived home we spent the rest of the night playing Mario Kart (addictive!).

Now it's over and I have an entire week to spend with the kiddo.  We have plans on Tuesday to see a movie but other than that we will probably be trying to beat the Spanish kid at Mario Kart.
and what Christmas re-cap post would be complete without a picture of a little puppy (yaaay!).  Don't worry, he's not mine, although he did mark his territory on my carpet - twice :/

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