I'm listening...

Oh Internet friends,

I can't thank you enough for stopping by and leaving me lovely comments and being all nice to me and stuff.  I want you to know that I am listening, if there is something you need, I here to help (err..sort of).  I notice that there were quite a few searches that brought you to my site that may have not been all that helpful.  I want you to know that I am listening. 

I know you were disappointed to not find "tomorrow target sing feel pretty" when you stopped by.  I would be glad to help you with that, but I'm not too all sure what that means and besides, I live in Canada.  We don't have Target stores here like you guys. We have Canadian Tire though which I think might be somewhat similar, but no Targets so I can't help you there.

and those that came here for "i am afraid my teeth are loose" I have to agree with you there, I am also afraid of my teeth being loose. Teeth are creepy.  You know what though? You can't eat yummy food without them, I can't think of anything yummy that you wouldn't be able to gum down into swallowable mush but I will totally get back to you on that one.  If your teeth were loose, I hope they didn't fall out. 

but one search term used to come across this site really pulled on my old heart strings....

example letter to a friend in jail say hi
I'm not very good with words and every time I do a job search I find myself Googling example cover letters for ideas to make myself sound smarter.  Sometimes words just don't make it from your brain to the paper, and that's okay.  I have decided to help you out by writing your example letter to a friend in jail say hi.  Feel free to copy and paste this or write it down, either way I think you will find it very helpful.

Dear Steve,

Man that car chase was whack! You probably would have got away too if you had only had a sports car and not your girlfriend Vicky's mother's mini van.  Filling up with gas probably would have helped too.  Just some pointers for when you get out in 2012.

The way you tried to rob that bank with your little brother's BB gun was wicked cool!!!! You were like Scarface all up in there, yo!  Only like you don't have all those scars and stuff.  Nobody expected that old lady in line was packing heat, just glad she only grazed ya because an inch further and we all know that there would be no more mini-Steves running around.

We all miss you around here.  Your mom cooks up a mean meatloaf (by the way she says hi and she says you owe her $10).  Your girlfriend Vicky says hi too.  She and the kids miss you lots, but don't worry I've been keeping her company for you. 

Anyway, just wanted to say hi.  I've thrown in some cigarettes that you can use as an offering so that shower incident doesn't happen to you again. 

Your friend,

PS - Thanks for the license plate with my name on it.  Vicky and I hung it above our bed.

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