I have been asked on a date...and I need your help!

....a play date that is!

I have never been invited on a play date before.  After all, I am an evil black (err..or not so much black) widow who wants to steal away your husband and cackle laugh as I drive away in my widow mobile with the windows down blasting Wind Beneath My Wings (because that's how I roll, yo!) for much longer than I have been a coupled parent.  I actually lost a few friends after R. died.  I don't know if it was because they just liked him a whole bunch more than me or if they were actually afraid I was going to prey on their hubbies now that mine was gone.

I don't even know what a play date is?  Do you go to their house? Do you invite them to yours? Because I was kind of getting the hint that she wanted me to invite her kid to my house, but I'm confused.  I don't exactly know what a play date is or what one does on a play date? Do the parents have to be on a date too, because I'm not so sure I'm cool with that.  I don't know what to do!!!

We exchanged numbers and e-mail addresses but it's been two days and she hasn't called.  Am I supposed to call her?

So then say I have this play date at my house, what do I do? Do I have to entertain two kids now or should I send them downstairs to play Twister or something?  Do I feed them? Do I read to them...I don't know!

I need your help...what is a play date?

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  1. You just let the kids get together and do their thing. Throw them some potato chips and fizzy orange drink occasionally. If the playing overlaps lunch time, double up on the potato chips and maybe toss in a tootsie roll. When we were kids, it was simply called playing. I'm not sure when it became a "play date". Personally, I didn't like my kids hanging with other kids who's parents used goofy phrases like that.

    And if mason likes the kid, give the girl a call. If he's not too fussy about the idea, wait'll she calls you.

  2. I echo the comment above. Give a call, the mother will more than likely just drop the child off and then their free to entertain each other. Believe me it's easier than one might think. Besides, it may well end up with an exchange for babysitting in the end at NO COST to either of you when and if the time comes that they enjoy hanging out.

  3. unconventional mummyDecember 6, 2009 at 1:52 PM

    Apparently kids no longer make their own decision to get together to play... remember when you used to call your friend or walk over to their house... no longer the case. Parents vett each other then decide if the other parent is appropriate to host socialization time within a safe environment. It's contrived and kind of fake but "shrugs" what can you do if you want your child to have social interaction ?
    Break the ice and call/email a tenative time for your new playdate mom to drop off her wee one for a few hours. Make sure you ask about food allergies and get a cell number from her in case of an emergency. Then let the kids do what they know best... play !!!