Holiday Fun: PNP (Portable North Pole)

Dear Internet Friends:

I vowed to stop posting more than one blog entry per day, but this is just so cool so I absolutely have to share it with you guys.   Special thanks to @Evil_FaerieGyrl for letting my kid know that Santa is real and that he won't put up with his bad behaviour anymore...uhhh or something like that!
PNP is a web site where you plug in all your child's info and Santa sends a message to them. You can completely customize this message so Santa acknowledges something they have been working hard on (I picked brushing teeth before bed) and then tells them to keep up the good work. 

You should have seen the look on Mason's face when he saw this message.  It was magical.  There was not even an ounce of doubt in his mind that Santa is real.  Plus as an added bonus, I'm pretty sure he won't argue with me about brushing his teeth before bed, well at least until the night of December 25th. 

If you want to see an example of our video you can do so here:

or you can make your own here:

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