Happy Holidays All!

I don't like to share.

Especially when it comes to food.  The other night Mason and I shared a #2 special at the food court in the mall.  We ended up scarfing that plate of yumminess like a pack of rabid wolves.  I don't even think either of us took a breath while we ate. 

Apparently he doesn't like to share food either. 

Starting out we were both a bit apprehensive about who had more shrimp, which side of the plate was ours.  Eventually we ended up drawing an imaginary line in the food and declared "halfsies".  Which eventually ended up with Mason invading my territory and me threatening to stab his face with my plastic fork. 

I said I wasn't good at sharing.

Never mess with someone else's food within your wolf pack.

So yes, I hate sharing.

Unless it involves saving me money, do not even offer to share because I hate it that much. 

I was the only child for eight years.  Eight whole years.  The rest of my childhood was spent protecting my Barbies, Beanie Babies and POGS from my sister and brother. 

So I don't like to share. 

Tonight I am going to share my turkey, and my home, and my veggies and my mom's cooking with family - but I don't really mind. 

It's Christmas after all. 

I'm not sharing my cookies though. 

Have a happy holiday everyone and be nice and share and I hope you get everything you ever wanted soo much like a Snuggie or a Hello Kitty phone case.  You deserve it ;)

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