Architecturally-Challenged of the gingerbread kind

There are certain things in life that people fail to mention.  Things like your baby will take his/her diaper off during nap time and paint the walls with it and that gingerbread houses are bloody hard to put together!

I mean is there some kind of secret?

There has to be.

I've tried everything.  A lot of icing, which ended up making the walls fall down and then a little bit of icing which also made the walls fall down.

I learned this lesson last year.

This year I prepared myself and bought a pre-fabricated gingerbread house.

Which is great for the architecturally-challenged people such as myself.

Some people are really good at gingerbread houses.

Others not so much, but they sure make it look pretty darn easy when all they have to do is decorate it.

....although I would probably think twice about eating his creation:

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