Today was simple.

The kind of day I have been striving for. Our routine was not changed. Everything went smoothly.

There was no rushing around to pack lunches or find shoes. A black cat didn't climb under my car forcing me to get down on my knees and shoo it out with a broom and thereby dirtying the knees of my work pants(well maybe that did happen, but let's pretend it didn't okay?). Now is all about focusing on the perfect day, not about the rushes or fixing errors all day long, because today wasn't about that. It was just another beautiful autumn day.

A day that ended with me picking up my most favourite little guy in the world from daycare and walk home leisurely with me wearing his backpack because it is too heavy for him. He didn't even whine all the way home about sore legs or beg for Smarties ice cream. Nope, that didn't happen. Today was just another day, a simple day with nothing telling us what to do or where to be.


I remember a time in my life when I wanted days like this so bad. Days and days of appointments, home care nurses, PSWs, hospice care. Each one coming into our home back-to-back, opening our cupboards to get supplies as if they had lived there for years. Not being able to come and go as I please because of a 24-hour care restriction. That is the kind of thing I look back to and have to appreciate what we have.

It was just a beautiful day.

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  1. How will he ever develop that special bend to his spine if you keep carrying his bag for him?