Product Review: Smelly Washer + giveaway (CLOSED)

Do you ever forget your laundry in the washing machine?  For me this sort of happens a lot all the time!  I put the clothes in and completely forget about them.  On my way to bed, I will remember about them, but since the washer is all the way downstairs and I'm tired, I vow to dry them when I wake up the next morning. 

Then the next morning comes along, and I'm rushing around (as I usually do) to get myself and the kid out the door with our lunches, backpack, car keys and pants on and of course I forget about that poor laundry.  I think about said laundry all day long. 

Then I get home, and it's dinner time and said laundry still sits while I finish up dinner until I go to put the next load in the machine, shocked that a smelly load of forgotten laundry is already invading my nose.  When this happens, I start the cycle all over again, but sometimes that smell just never goes away.  Especially in towels. 

It's shameful to admit, but I never really noticed this until my mom came to visit one time and said my towels smelled like mildew.  I used a whole Downy ball of fabric softener and two caps full of detergent, I didn't think she would notice, but she did.  I figure my nose was immune to the mildewy smell all this time. 

A couple months ago the vicious mildew cycle happened to me.  I had just rushed down when I remembered the load was in there from the previous evening (I don't know about you, but when I realize what I have done I always run down there as if running is going to save the load from the mildew).  I came back upstairs and checked my e-mail and there was an e-mail with the subject line reading SMELLY WASHER

I looked over my shoulder, my heart started beating faster.  Maybe my neighbours could smell it from their house? Maybe it was my mom? Maybe it was a stalker?  How did they know? It blew my mind!  The e-mail was from the wonderful people of Smelly Washer asking me to give their product a try.  How did they know?

I eagerly accepted their offer because 1) I am a fool when it comes to laundry 2) I needed help to save my smelly towels from going to the smelly dumpster 3) because I truly do have a smelly washer!

The package arrived and I was tearing into that padded envelope, eager to get the stink out of my towels before my mother came for another visit.

Now I will let my friend Mike from Smelly Washer explain a bit about the product:

My first battle was to clean the washer. From reading the blog at, I learned that the most probable cause of my smelly washer was mildew which apparently can be caused by overuse of detergent, liquid fabric softener and even by washing only with cold water (all of which I am guilty of!)

The directions were very straight forward.  Just add one cap full (why does that remind me of Jessica Simpson when I type that? Never mind, this is not the time to get crazy ideas...), allow to agitate for 2 minutes at the hottest setting and let it work its magic overnight.  Complete the cycle in the morning.  You may want to repeat these steps, but after my first try I was pretty confident my stinky washer problem was improved.

My next step was to battle the towels.  The same towels that have brought shame to my family (well sort of, not really, but they did really stink!).  I followed the simple directions for towels (which was very similar to that of the washer cleaner), and rather than coming out smelling like dirty feet, the towels smelled like the detergent (aka - good!).  I have started adding a capful to my towel loads, just because I feel this powder is magical and by doing so it will help to keep the mildew away. 

Then after the fun of reviewing the product was over, I made the bottle into a king.  Just because I thought it should look like a king.  It started with just a crown, and then moved on to a robe and a sceptre and he needed a little smiley face - then voila!  I do this with all my products I like.  Well not really, I just thought it made the bottle more pretty.

Why I ♥ Smelly Washer:
-All Natural, no dyes or fragrances
-Very easy to use!
-Inexpensive (each bottle contains up to 24 treatments) has an amazing blog they update frequently with washing machine tips.

How you can  ♥ Smelly Washer:

You can love Smelly Washer too!  You can purchase one bottle for $16.99, but wait!  *said in my best telemarketing voice* enter the promo code evilflu and you will receive 10% off your purchase! Order now!

How you can ♥ Smelly Washer for free!
The lovely people at Smelly Washer have given me a bottle to give to one of my awesome readers! I was going to make you take a picture of your smelly underwear and post them in my comments, but then I thought that might be a little gross, so because I am so nice, all you have to do to enter is Tell me about your washing machine!  Did you name it? Is it gross? Did it ever break? Does it smell? Does it not even belong to you? Have you ever washed a chapstick (I did) or a pet? Tell me all! Because I'm in a pretty good mood, I will even let you earn extra entries by tweeting about this contest or blogging about it, heck you can even put up a billboard and send me a pic if you want.  Please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you in your comment, especially if you do not have a blog or a web site to put in.

A winner will be chosen randomly on November 16, 2009

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  1. I don't own my washing machine. :( I have to go down the hall and pay like $4.00 a load. It does get stinky sometimes, mostly because the dryers suck and leave a bit of dampness. Will Smelly Washer help my smelliness?? I wish it could clean dishwashers too. Mine looks like it's from the 70s and has never been cleaned.

  2. I don't own my washing machine. :( I have to go down the hall and pay like $4.00 a load. It does get stinky sometimes, mostly because the dryers suck and leave a bit of dampness. Will Smelly Washer help my smelliness?? I wish it could clean dishwashers too. Mine looks like it's from the 70s and has never been cleaned.

  3. I do have a smelly washer! I loved reading this post because I felt I could have written it myself. I think I am much worse than you though... I do most of my laundry on the weekend and SOMETIMES if I've forgotten a load in the wash on Sunday night... Well, you get the picture. I don't know if you've ever had this experience, but you know when you open the washer and it's a little smelly, but not too bad. SO you throw the stuff in the dryer without an extra rinse... IT MAKES OUTSIDE STINK AS YOUR STUFF DRIES! Seriously. For those of you not familiar with the term "Outside Stink" it's a pretty serious offense in my family, usually involving flatulance that occurs outdoors.

  4. Facts about my parent's washing machine:

    1: It is older than me. I think.
    2. It has washed the clothing of a family of 7.
    3. It washes super-smelly barn clothes.
    4. PIG POOP goes through this washer.
    5. PIG. POOP. EW.

    That is all.

  5. It's getting old and sounds like a tornado is coming. We are saving up for a new one.
    vickers at comcast dot net