I am a SMART mama...

I have to tell you all something.  I am in love
Exciting isn’t it?
Let me tell you a bit about him. 
He is fantastic (and so smart!).  We go everywhere together.  EVERYWHERE.   I can’t imagine leaving home without him.  He never leaves my hands and yes, I do bring him to the washroom with me sometimes.  He plays all the songs I like to hear, he helps me keep track of my schedule and oh boy is he good looking!

He goes to bed with me every night as we listen to my favourite songs and he is right there when I wake up each morning.  He has a camera and video camera ready at any moment which is always important.  Plus it’s like he has a built in GPS or something because with him nearby, we never get lost! He supports my Twitter addiction lovingly and helps me to keep in touch with family and friends. 

He is just absolutely perfect in every way. 
and you can get one too on a 3-year contract for $199.  He is my iPhone

I have never had a better match in a phone before, well except that it’s not pink, that was hard to deal with at first, but I got a nice little case and that solved that problem.  I really do take it everywhere with me, in fact so much that sometimes I look down at my hands in panic because I realize it’s not there.  When I do bring it in the washroom (to listen to music while I get ready you jerks!) I always put it far away from the toilet because I knock everything into the toilet.  Just this afternoon my contact lens case dropped into the great white bowl of disgust.  Once you drop something in there it usually is gone for good.  I mean I know it could be disinfected, but could you imagine putting toilet water contact lenses in your eye every day? Yuck!  Things always get so off topic for me when I start talking about toilets.

So when I was offered the opportunity to review Kathy Buckworth’s newest book “The BlackBerry Diaries – Adventures in Modern Motherhood”, I was really excited and of course I said yes (or perhaps I wouldn’t be writing this..). 

Having a smart phone really puts in you in an exclusive club.  A club where people who do not own smart phones just don’t understand you.  They don’t understand why you would be on your phone in the long line-up at Old Navy on $2 t-shirt day, why you would pull out such device at your child’s t-ball game or swimming lessons or why you would have your nose glued to your 3.5 inch screen at the Backyardigans stage show with your child.  The truth is, I get bored and with my iPhone I can find a way to use this what would normally be wasted time on things that are more important, such as Twitter, Facebook and Tap Tap Revenge and sometimes even replying to that long e-mail from grandma or organizing my inbox.  Things that I could easily do at home, but when the time is wasted anyway, doesn’t it just make more sense to do it on these down moments.  That is why I really enjoyed reading Kathy’s book.  She understands what it’s like to have a smart phone addiction.

The BlackBerry Diaries follows the life of Kathy Buckworth as she raises her four children (five if you count Seamus her BlackBerry).  I think it’s adorable that Kathy’s BlackBerry has a name!  I have decided my iPhone shall remain nameless as I don’t have the greatest luck when I name things.  I learned that the hard way.

She gives some great advice in this book and  has some amazing experiences and makes you laugh, a lot throughout the whole book with words like “poop balls” (we could totally be best friends Kathy!).  There were many things I could relate to in the book such as “Braxberry” which is a phantom phone vibration which makes you feel like you have a message when really you don’t.  I can also relate to: Mask-Berrying, Gasp-Berrying, Aaackberrying (unfortunately),  and Ludites.  If you don’t know what any of those mean, you really need to read the book!

I was delighted to hear that the book was all for mother’s getting into the smart phone revolution, as there have been a few times when I have felt uncomfortable pulling out my little phone and times when I have gotten “the look”.  The truth is, you can only watch your child play T-ball so many times before watching all the other players up to bat becomes somewhat unbearable.  I can totally relate to Kathy in that matter, because I have been there myself. 

The book is written in complete blog format, including tags, which kind of made it harder for me to get into at first, but ends up giving the reader a much more personal impression.  By the end of the book you really feel like you know Kathy as a friend and not just an author.  Then again, anybody who uses terms such as “poop balls” can totally be my friend!

You can buy this book from my wonderful friends at Amazon.ca who wonderfully support my addiction to DVDs and Hello Kitty decals

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  1. We can totally bond over poop-balls. So glad you liked the book. And also glad I found your blog! Have a great week.