Front Page Superstar...

Sing "On the cover of Today's Parent" to the tune of Dr. Hook's "The Cover of the Rolling Stone" and this makes complete sense!

Disclaimer: Do not watch that Dr. Hook video for the Cover of the Rolling Stone on YouTube.  Those are some of the highest dudes I have ever seen in my life.  Those dudes were even higher than Jenny in Forrest Gump in that video.

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  1. Whoa! That is awesome! Congratulations to Mason!

    How did he become a coverboy already? Does this mean he's on the road to becoming a male model? He should probably start inventing his own look right now.

  2. I'm going to send him to the Centre for Children Who Can't Read Good (Zoolander) so he can at least learn how to model!

    Unfortunately he's not a cover model though :( I had to design that myself and they printed it for me...there is an ugly kid cover under his beautiful cover (oops that was mean!) ;)