Archive Monday: February 1, 2004


I decided to spare you all the details of the birth of my son which was a post that I had a really hard time reading.  It was like watching 16 and pregnant, only I was 22 (or maybe 23...I forget).  It contained words like placenta, sex and mucous.  Not pretty, even for a recap.

So this post was a couple weeks after Mason was born.  It was hard to read this, if I had only known what I know now....

I can't believe how much my life has changed. It's actually really scary. I feel like I am the only person that can keep my son alive. If he ever got lost or anything he would be done for [whaaa?]. I feel like nobody else can take care of him except for me...and it is so exhausting!

He's a great baby. He really is...but it's just so scary knowing how dependent he is on me. R. tries to help, and he does and alright job but I think he's too careful with him and afraid he's going to break him. It kind of makes me mad, makes me feel like he's borrowing him to look like a great dad. He is a great dad...I think he just needs a little more practice.

So here goes my first entry in my new life...

I wish he had more time to practice  *sigh*.  I was such a bitch  :(

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