Tuesday Toot: October 6, 2009 - Fear edition!

Today Mason had a daycare field trip to a farm where the kids all learned about animals, got to ride on a tractor ride thing (aka death trap) and eventually ride a pony.

Me being the super-awesome parent that I am, decided to get over my fears of: 1) horses 2)poop 3)pre-schoolers to go along as a parent volunteer. It was a really hard decision for me, mostly because I hate horses. I think it goes back to the time when one almost kicked me in the face when I was little. Or the fact that I knew a girl that did get kicked in the face by a horse and she stuttered after that and had some sort of eye problem. I have enough problems, I don't need to add a stutter and an eye problem to that list of goodies.

If you know me, I always expect the worst. In fact, the entire bus ride there I pictured the school bus driving over a cliff (which is pretty much impossible because there were no cliffs) or losing a kid, and yes, even getting kicked by a horse.

But you know what, I actually enjoyed the trip - minus the horses, they were smelly and angry-looking, but the farm atmosphere itself. That beautiful covered porch that went on forever that I just wanted to stay and take pictures on. The cute little stream flowing just down the hill from the farm house, the animals that pooped little pellets (which I found both funny and convenient). I don't know if it's all the hours of Farmville or FarmTown I've been playing, but I could totally see myself settling on a farm. Having long, grey hair in a braid, wearing a reindeer sweater and big purple boots. That could totally be me.

Except for the horses. They are jerks and they poop bigger piles than my head.

Another thing I didn't quite enjoy was the hay ride. They brought out this big old tractor with a flatbed trailer covered in hay. Flatbed, no sides. Hay, kids with manure on their boots. No thanks! I politely declined, and later admitted I was scared. Which was true, I was terrified when my mind pictured that trailer getting stuck in the mud and flipping over causing me to drown in a mud puddle (don't laugh, it's what I thought!). I also didn't want to have some kid's manure boots on my pants, thank you very much!
It was a good day, and I was very lucky to get to spend the entire morning with my little guy doing stuff that he enjoyed doing, even if I was a bit of a stick in the mud - almost literally.

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  1. Saw your link on Tuesday Toot and wanted to stop by and say hello. Will Ferrell, huh? I had an obsession with that movie "The Ballad of Ricky Bobby". It was sooo funny, and also the one where he played an elf, and the one where he was the ice skater. Ok, you get the idea. Lol. Unfortunately, I love horses, but it's ok that you don't like them. I can't ride one and have had bad luck a few times for trying, so I gave up and just admire them from the ground, the front, not the back. I don't want to get kicked either. Love your blog.

  2. You always crack me up with description of your fears. I shouldn't laugh because that is mean but I thought about what I would have done if a Llama was on that same farm. I hate them and they know it. They gossip about me behind my back and are troublemakers around the farm. They get the other animals all riled up and when the problems occur they suddenly are no longer around. So I guess I am not oe to talk about someone else's farm fears. And I almost did drown in a puddle once.