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I just realized that I don't share pictures hardly enough.  Sure I add them in each post so my little link thingy looks interesting, but I never really showcase the pictures I take as much as I used to.  I think I miss that. 

I took these ones yesterday, you can probably see some of them above on my Flickr.

Kind of an awkward head going into the corner thing going on here, I just really liked his face and the way the sun was shining on his cheek here.

Love this picture.  Such a change from his usual (happy) self.  I swear I didn't pinch him or anything! He just posed and pulled off a Blue Steel!

Afterwards we came home and carved our pumpkins.  This one was starting to rot at the top, it was so disgusting!  I used to really be into carving pumpkins, but this year I don't have the patience.  We used to do all sorts of designs like Lightning McQueen and Elmo etc.  Plus the squirrels ate our pumpkins this year so we had to carve around the bite marks.

What is it with boys and bugs (and dirty hands)?

I was practicing some close-up shots and came across this creepy bug, which I am told is a praying mantis.  Creepy!

There is a ladybug takeover going on right now. Everybody is mentioning how many lady bugs they have seen, this was the first one I've seen so far this year.  After I saw this one, I found a whole group, and this one was the brightest. of them all.

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