Letters to my friend: March 19, 2000

It's hard to imagine that just four years after this letter was sent I became a mother. Yes me, the girl who counted out her Beanie Baby collection in a letter (all 39 of them) to her friend who lived two hours away (like...OMG!). I was such a DORK. Not just a dork, pretty much a mean dork, but I guess I was kind of amusing sometimes.

It's funny looking back on these times. I was a messed up kid - to put it lightly. It wasn't always easy for me as a teenager. I never was part of the "in crowd", I didn't live with my parents all the time and I hated following people's rules and I never even had one kiss in high school. Kind of like that movie Never Been Kissed. I will admit it, I was a dork, who thought she was cool, but really was a dork and I was mean, and hateful and I dressed funny and probably smelled funny too, because nobody ever told me I smelled nice. It would have been really nice to hear that once in a while you know. I'm sure I smelled nice-ish...whatever.

So this letter was sent in 2000, and from the letter I take it that I was not living at my mom's house at this time. I never remember being this screwed up, but this is proof, my own handwriting with gel pen on black paper. This is my favourite letter because of the whole gel pen thing. Almost ten years later and the letter still looks like it was just written yesterday. That's my thumbs up for gel pens (yaay). So without further ado....the first letter:

March 19, 2000

Hey! How goes it? I thought I better hurry up and write to you before you go moving on me again! I just sent you a letter last week to your old address. I just got your letter from my mom's house, it's been there for months but I haven't really been talking to them. Thanks for the pictures. I really miss you guys! I wanted to come and visit for the March break but I couldn't get a hold of you. I heard about Tim being in jail, that's too bad but it was a bad thing to do. Your new boyfriend sounds really nice. I'll be 19 soon! We have to do something fun :) So your boyfriend has a daughter? That's pretty cool, just don't get into trouble - my friend from work just broke up with her fiancee of two years over his children. He threw a log at her brand new car!

About moving out, I had everything I wanted there but I wasn't happy. They would hold everything above my head to make me feel guilty. They made me stay home and babysit everyday and one day I just got really tired of it. Now I'm at my aunt's house, I'm earning my own money, I have a social life and I'm so much happier. I'm starting to save up $ to buy stuff I need when I'm on my own and I'll *hopefully* be moving out on my own by the end of the summer. I think I already told you that Carl said I can live in the back house rent free if the people living there move out.

I can't believe you saw Wayne! I'm happy that he got married and stuff. Say hi for me if you see him again, K? Ever since you told me Terry lives around Newmarket, I keep trying to recognize him but I don't think I've seen him.

So this summer we *have* to see eachother! Elvis ran away so you don't have to worry about him pissing on your leg. Eddy is good, Phoebe is good and Sable (our big dog) is a jerk. How old is Chase and Kitara now? How's your mom? Is she still with Ray (was that his name?). How are your brothers? You still want a list of my beanies? Okay, I'll attach it in with this letter. I can't believe you called Chuck [my ex-boyfriend]! I also can't believe his number is the same! I also can't believe he goes to bed at 10 (you should call him again at 10 to see!). Did he turn geek or something [meanwhile I was the geek!]. I don't think I could hook up with him again [hook up?? HOOK UP?? WTH? We barely made out!]. I hardly remember him [LIES] and besides, I'm "gaa-gaa" over Matt even though he doesn't know my name - and I've never really spoken to him yet but damn! That boy is sexy! :)

I am so going to Taco Bell and I will say "Yeah, I'll have the fries supreme - hold the tomatoes and facial hair" [bearded lady]. Does she still have the 'beard'? Didn't she try to steal my boyfriend before? Hmm....

School ...well it goes. Last semester I got two A's [apparently not in English...] and a C - this semester I'm taking all OAC's it's been a little bit harder. I haven't been watching WWF lately. I might go to see Summerslam 2000 at the Colosses theatre though. They are going to play it on the big screen [....??]

I'll send you back the picture of Shawn. He's not too bad...hey is that an x-files shirt he's wearing?

Remember when I had that giant crush on Edward Furlong? I kind of do again. I saw him in American History X and Detroit Rock City lately - Yumm..not as yummy as Matt though [apparently I was a boy eater].
So I am coming down there for sure in the summer and hopefully I'll be going to college there in September. I find out the first week of April...I'll write as soon as I find out *crosses fingers*.

There's more! I forgot you like OLP now? When did that happen? I'm just starting to get into some rap and stuff like Snopp and ODB and stuff [LIES! I listened to Said I loved You But I Lied on repeat everyday]. My mom is still a regular at bingo. She keeps trying to set me up with one of the guys that works there. I love hearing stuff about our past. I think after I moved to Aurora I think I got so depressed I blocked it out of my mind. I remember Adam Pissypants. I remember when you guys went on a school field trip and it was just me and him that didn't go and he said to me "why do you go out with him (Chuck) when you can go out with a guy like me who treats you right". Eww!! Then he told on me when I went out for recess even though we weren't supposed to.

So anyway the simpsons are on and I don't have much more to say - Make sure you write back. Say hi to everyone for me!

Lotsa love,

PS - Heya bud,

Tis moi again. I just got back from my other aunt's house from the "family meeting" - my mom was there she took Phoebe (my dog) back to Orillia...I miss her :(

Here is a picture of what happened at school today - flip page over. [see Matt wore a hot "visor"]

Remember when you drew the LPH on your school project? Or when I ate *all* the food in the house? Or when your mom beat up psycho! Or Bruce? HAHA Oh my...laughing...gonna piss myself...got to go...bye!

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  1. Wow I've been reading your blog from my Google Reader thing and didn't realize you had all this new header and new comment system and everything. Very cool.

    And also this letter is hilarious. Eddie Furlong...hahahahah

  2. Thanks! The comment thing is so easy to install (and free!) but for some reason it screwed up my links so now instead of showing number of comments it just says comments...that's really bugging me!

    Eddie Furlong was the sexiest teen actor of 1991 I tell ya...apparently I didn't stop liking him until the year 2000. IMNOTADORK