He has my smile...

When I was a kid, picture day was stressful! I mean having to wear those frilly collars and pale pink sweaters...bleh! Not only that but you had to keep every hair on your head absolutely perfect, and then as if that wasn't stressful enough, you then had to interact with the photographer who was a) creepy b) somehow related to you c) drunk (which would explain b).

I absolutely hated picture day. I worried all day about keeping myself pretty. The picture day that stands in my mind the most was my very first one, kindergarten. I lived with my grandma and grandpa then. I was pretty much the poster child for K-mart back in the 80's. I think my grandma had me in there every week for their "new" poses, most of which were me looking off into space or leaning on a fuzzy velvet chair with a cheeky grin. I remember I was even on the wall of fame photos in there once. Grandma liked K-mart pictures, probably because she could be there to make sure I stayed pretty the whole time, made sure the poses were to her liking, heck she probably even messed around with the lighting because that was my grandma. She got what she wanted because she made it happy. I think the saying for her would be, if gramma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy..or something like that.

So my first picture day ever, grandma had to cut the cord (so to speak) and she coached me that morning before I went on the bus (to most likely have my lunch eaten by the fat girl again) that I had to smile nicely, and I couldn't get dirty, and don't eat any chocolate before pictures, and make sure my hair was in place and make sure my lacy collar didn't flip up all "prep style". It was stressful! I mean she meant well, she didn't want to waste money on pictures that come out looking like this......

Oh yeah, I sort of forgot to smile. I got in so much trouble for this picture! She was so disappointed that she whisked me out right away to K-mart to get the velvet chair extraordinaire again because that was just so beautiful. I don't know why I made this face, I think it was all the photographer's fault...he was probably drunk or my uncle or something, I don't know but I still can't believe how much I failed this pic, even to this day.

A couple weeks ago, I reminded myself of my dear old grandma (bless her soul). I dressed Mason up in colours that would compliment the photographer's background, we practiced our selected pose and I even made him practice smiling. I had visions of my first school picture and I was so nervous, in fact I even wanted to be there for the picture, but knowing that is 1) not possible 2) sort of insane I just wrote the $41 cheque and assured myself he would come back with a stellar pic. I mean, this is my child after all, the one who has invaded all but 2gb of my hard drive space with pictures that he has posed for, this kid is a pro at pictures, no need to worry.

and then I got this:

and all of a sudden flashbacks of pale pink sweaters with lacy collars, photographers wearing brown ties to match their brown teeth (oh come on! It was the 80's! They were totally creepy!) and my grandma lecturing me on smiling for hours all came flooding back.

In fact, I think I may have even blanked out for a bit because next thing I knew, his daycare teacher was looking over my shoulder chuckling about the picture. Which at first made me even more upset about it.

"Should I get a re-take?" I asked her as she still laughed.
"ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is so him!"

She was right. She has only known him for a month and a half, but she was right. That is him. He's forcing himself to smile, it's not genuine, but that is him being forced to do something right there. This is Mason, awkward, silly, adorable, afraid of photographers.
It was also me back in Kindergarten. Awkward, silly, free-spirited, fed up of creepy photographers.

So if you are family and you are reading this, I hope you look at this picture and enjoy it because it is what it is and this is what you're getting.

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