Cookie Monster!!

This is my favourite video of Mason. This is Mason. This video absolutely represents his personality. He was just shy of 2 years old at the time and was more adorable than ever (in my opinion!). We had just moved into our own apartment, which was an adorable 1 1/2 bedroom (so Mason's room was terribly small) main floor of a duplex. There was a bachelor apartment in the front that had a couple of smokers/fighters (who also happened to be distant relatives...great) so that wasn't the greatest, but when they moved out it was pretty awesome...well except for the fat guy upstairs who I passive-aggressively fought with everyday over water. It was an adorable little place though. Unfortunately the owner became ill (cancer strikes again!) and he sold it to one of those house flipper guys who ended up gutting it and renting it out for way more than I could afford. Sometimes I miss that place, but I could never miss the wood paneling.
I have some surprises for my lovely readers (which would be you, unless you are a creeper), first of all, my friend found some letters I wrote to her back in high school. These are hilarious and I will share them with you after I edit them to make me not look like a d-bag I finish reading them. I'm so lucky she lent them to me, and they really are fantastic. I thought finding my 2002 blog really showed me how much I grew, these letters are proof that I actually grew up a little before then as well (they're bad!!). They are kind of like a blog, pre my blog years.
Also, you may or may not have noticed the new comment system that I worked so hard to install. It's just so much easier to reply to comments this way, so really it was for my benefit, I mean unless you want to reply to other people's comments then that's cool too. Please let me know if you are having problems with it or if you don't like it, because if you don't then we will have to do some counselling or something.

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  1. Cool video of Mason. So far so good on the comment fine for me.

  2. Yaay I'm so glad it works! Thanks for testing for me ;)