Archive Monday: January 6, 2004


January 6, 2004:
Christmas was alright, R. came home and surprised me...although I was still a little sad since it was my first Christmas away from my family. I held up pretty good though. New years was blah...we just sat at home and did nothing pretty much the same as the year before. R. got out of the hospital on new years eve. It's so comforting having someone around other than a couple dogs. He came home and cooked and cleaned just to give me a break :D I love it! Now he's feeling like crap again though so we just stay home and do nothing all day long.

The baby is due in a week from today. I am so tired of people asking me if I had it yet...I mean if I had it do they not think they would of heard from me by now? It's pretty frustrating at this point. I go pee 10 times a night but I get so thirsty after I pee that I have to drink and go pee again! I'm complaining now but I'm sure I'll be much happier when I drop this excess 30 pounds :D

My doctor is really being a weirdo...he's always in a hurry so I have no clue when this kid is coming. He did a swab test yesterday (not my idea of fun) and left the room in such a hurry I kind of wondered if he stole something from down there and was making his getaway.

R. had a doctor's appointment today...everything went well with his treatment and he may even be in remission!! We don't have to go back to that horrible cancer clinic for 3 months now and lets hope we can stay away even longer after that!

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