Weekend of Funness (aka - Ronald McDonald would make a good boyfriend right?)

My mom was here all week to help me make it through the transition of daycare to Kindergarten. She drove all the way here in her 1993 Jeep that drives like a tank, sounds and all. Having mom around had it's good moments, but we all know there are two things that our mothers are really good at: 1) Baking 2) Nagging. Even though she was a great help, the nagging never ended and it really made me start to wonder if I really am lonely, because I really can't stand other people sometimes (love you mom!).

Some of said nags included:
-"You need to clean out your fridge more often. I found carrots in there that resembled grub worms" In my defense, I did not know the carrots were in there, and grub worms are kind of cute sometimes. I guess that's not really a defense, but yeah cleaning of the fridge is not on my high list of priorities until it gets rank

-[While driving] "You need to cut people off at four way stops if they are not paying attention" [Me protesting] "YOU ARE A BAD DRIVER THEN"

-"You need to find a boyfriend. You are crabby so you need one. Not to mention your son needs a role model" For the record, I think I am a pretty awesome role model! My kid has learned a lot from me...good and bad - and no mom, I am not a lesbian

-"You are running out of everything! Why don't you buy more" because when there is one more person in the house things tend to get used up faster.

-"You have to go to bed earlier"

-"You have to teach him to punch kids in the face when kids are bugging him"

...to name a few.

On Friday we went to the Western Fair, Momma Naggy Pants came along, but left early because she's too old for fairs and forgot her sweater or something like that. I always love going to the fair, not so much for the crowds, the over-pricing of everything and the throw up, but more for the sights and sounds.

When I was pregnant we went to the fair every single day because I had to have fair food, the greasier and cheesier the better. I remember I had a doctor's appointment the following week where I would be weighed, but I didn't care, I ate like a horse that whole entire week. I was really nervous when my appointment came along, thinking I would have gained 20 pounds, and it turned out I lost weight. Go figure! After that, I was pretty much convinced that fair food isn't all that bad for you, well I guess it is...but the walking helps you to burn off those corn dogs. The fair is heaven like that you know. Although I don't know if living off that food would be the greatest. Like in that movie "Supersize Me" when the guy got all fat and unhealthy from eating McDonalds everyday.

Speaking of McDonalds, you'll never guess who we met at the fair? THE Ronald McDonald!!! He was adorable (in a creepy sort of way) and totally flirted with me! He was all like "Hi Mason, is this your big sister" and then I blushed and laughed like a hyena. Which also made me think, would it be so bad to date Ronald McDonald?
I would totally change his name to Ron....Ron McDonald, just to cool him up a bit. I mean, he's a little creepy looking and may or may not be a pedophile or Adolf Hitler in disguise but he's totally rich and imagine you could be all like "Ron, could you go grab me one of those Big Mac meals?" and it would be FREE at any hour. Not to mention, he can wear a bright yellow jumper like it's nobody's business...and he loves ME (so back off ladies, he's mine!).
Now because this post was actually supposed to be two posts but I wanted to make them one and now I'm realizing it is getting ridiculously long, here is a recap of what we did at the fair!

Mason got an $8 wedgie!

Saw some cows eating decorations. They were awesome.

Posed with a sheep (?) who had a really cool perm!

Went high above the fair, and resisted the urge to throw things at people down below
...and because I couldn't stay away from that chocolate-covered bacon, we went back the next day!
Saw the tiniest goat...EVER!
Saw the chocolate-covered bacon pre-chocolate (OMG I'm kidding!!)
Apparently to a 5-year-old, the coolest thing is getting your picture taken with a donkey's ass. He was so excited that he actually let me take these pictures and I didn't have to bribe him at all!
Jumped in a blow up spiderman castle for hours. The guy running the ride reminded me of Super Mario. It was like a Spiderman/Super Mario cross-over all up in there!
I watched my baby grow up before my eyes

The obligatory "thumbs up" shots

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