This has to be some sort of record...

I sent three e-mails today with the subject line of "beavers". I thought about changing it, my dirty mind screaming at me to just change it and change it now. I couldn't think of another thing to call it so it remained beavers, because that is what I was inquiring about. Beavers, as in "boy scouts" or girl guides if you are a girl.

I don't know where I got this idea from, just suddenly I decided last week that Mason should be a beaver. Not only because it makes me giggle like a school girl to say that, but also the awesome MacGyver skills that he can come home and teach me since I totally flunked out of girl scouts.

I'm not even kidding. I joined kind of late, I forget how old I was, but I joined the group at the "pathfinder" age (probably around 13 or 14?). I was kind of the bad apple of the group. All the other girls were well-behaved and "tame" and I was a bit of the wild one. Maybe I was just comfortable because my aunt was the leader or maybe I was just a little rebellious because I didn't give a shit about horseback riding or rope tying (although now I think those skills may have been useful a few times).

I remember one time we had to play "Pictionary" and I was unfortunate enough to pull the word babysitter. I did what I do best and I drew a person sitting on a baby, and even though there were some laughs, there were also a few "stern" looks from the leaders. Then there was the time we went camping and horseback riding. I hate camping. I hate other girls. I hate horses. Then someone suggested that another girl, Kayla, had crusty undies and I didn't know what that meant really so I thought they were referring to bread somehow so I started calling her moldy bread and she cried....and I wasn't welcome back at horseback camp again. The good news is I haven't called anyone moldy bread ever again.
Hopefully nobody in Mason's group has moldy undies. That would suck if he got kicked out like I did. We would be failures at scouts, which would pretty much make us useless when it comes to tying rope and horseback riding and making fire or bird houses. Which really wouldn't be good if we ever had to use those skills.

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