So apparently I'm awesome?

I lead a pretty mundane life. For example, my Saturday night consisted of shopping for crab food. Herman's other food bottle fell behind the dresser, and since the dresser is somehow wedged between the cabinet and the wall, I could not reach the food so a shopping trip was in order. Which is always okay with me. So we went to Wal-mart, only to find that all the hermit crab accessories were on clearance. Which kind of made me sad. I mean, hermit crabs are living creatures, why would they be clearing out the essential things these crabs need to survive? Not only that, what if other stores soon follow suit and Herman is left food and water sponge-less.

As you can see, Saturday night had not much excitement. In fact, not many of my Saturday nights are spent out. After I got home with my crab food, the rest of the night consisted of playing solitaire on, eating Oriental Mr. Noodles out of a Styrofoam cup *gasp* and looking forward to a "hot apple pie" bubble bath, which never really happened because I got side tracked when I tried to burn a DVD of Mason's baby videos and it had like five billion errors. I can only dream that one day I can find someone to enjoy eating Mr. Noodles and playing solitaire with, that would be pretty awesome. We could totally be the boring nerd couple, but we would be so happy just playing solitaire and eating Mr. Noodles.

*ahem* As I was saying, my boring life, is apparently not very cool to some people. I'm okay with that though because I have someone backing me up. Mason thinks I am cooler than...well a really cool person (??). In fact, he kind of worships me by offering me houses built of Popsicle sticks and necklaces made of macaroni on a weekly basis.

Not only that, but he totally tells people I'm cool. Just the other day Mason's teacher asked him what my name was, to which he replied:

"My mom's name is Nikki, but you can call her cool"

I think it's gone to my head because I've made him repeat the story to everyone we see. The last time I told him to tell the story he told me to stop asking him and he wouldn't say it! Maybe I'm not as cool as I thought? :/

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  1. Majority of hermit crab foods contain ethoxyquin and/or copper sulphate (insecticides) to preserve them. Our hermit crabs are from the arthropod (insect) phylum. Human grade or other freeze dried, or dehydrated fish/reptile/bird, etc. foods are fine to offer and usually more healthy for them. Please visit Crab Street Journal, CrabbyWiki, and Hermit Crab Cuisine for healthy foods to feed your hermit crabs. Sponges are known to harbor bacteria and molds and are high maintenance. They should be changed out at least every 2 days for sterile ones. There are other ways to maintain a proper humidity level.

  2. Of course. we still think your SUPER COOL!!!