POLL: Is he too "girly"

Normally I wouldn't care too much about this sort of thing (yeah right, see: neurotic mother) but today two people referred to my child in some sort of feminine form. The first one was a mother who was trying to take a picture of her kid and Mason kept getting in the way so I told him to move out of the way and she replied "oh, she's okay there". Then another mother a little while later commented that she "liked her shorts".

Do you think maybe I dress him a little too girly? Do you think I need to toughen him up a bit? Maybe get him one of those fancy "mom" tattos with a heart and an anchor? I mean he is going into elementary school in 2 days (not that I'm counting or anything..) and kids can be pretty mean...

So what do you think?

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Does he look like a girl?
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  1. No, but to be safe, shave his head, and get him a fake mustache. Maybe some leather chaps.