Parenting is not always perfect (part two)...

I would like to blame it on lack of sleep and too much energy - a dangerous combination in a 5-year-old because complete meltdown is close to follow.

That is what happened on Friday.

Awakened an hour earlier than usual, followed by a trip to the office where he coloured pictures and stamped "copy" all over them. When I saw some people, who also arrived an hour earlier than usual, were getting annoyed by his constant chatter, I settled him down with a Disney movie on an old iPod I had in my car. Thankfully I had it with me that day (note to self: put a Disney movie on iPhone in case of emergency).

Then when it was time, I took him to his new daycare for the visit that they so highly recommended. I knew it was a waste of time, Mason is very laid back when it comes to things like that, as long as there is new stimulation for him, he's cool with it. It's once he gets comfortable and used to things, that's when the problems begin.

So I dropped him off and made myself busy for a half an hour (see: biggest waste of half an hour in my entire life) and picked him up. When he found out we were going back to his old daycare for his last day, he had a complete meltdown. Again, I didn't expect this, nor was I prepared. It then became a standoff where he would not get out of the car. So right there in the parking lot I pulled him out, all the while he held his booster seat firmly on his bottom.

I don't know if you've ever experienced such a thing, I really don't recommend it. Albeit, looking back now, it must have been an amusing sight for someone, watching a mother pull her 50-something pound child from the backseat of her soccer mom car, all the while he holds his seat on his butt, as if that's going to help keep him out of daycare.

After I finally removed the seat from his rear end, I somehow managed to wrangle him into the doors of the daycare, which is where it all ended, after some teachers came to help. What a way to say goodbye!

I usually go for the distraction method: Oh look a Disney movie, look over there, look at this piece of gum stuck to the floor. That method: FAIL. In fact, I should probably never try that again because it never works at moments like this.

Some of these teachers have been taking care of him since he was a good, non-tantrum throwing one year old. They told him the surprises they had for him that day, and promised him ice cream and a picnic, which to me was pretty heavy artillery to be dealing with him, but after a while, and a visit to see a former teacher's fish tank, he was calm. The nice one asked if I was okay, I must have looked like a lunatic with messy hair, on the verge of tears - and then I sped away as I was now late for work - again.

It's the times like these that affect my day. I think back, could I have done something different - probably yes. I think of how crappy his day must be, as mine usually is from feeling guilty.

Then when I go back at the end of the day, there he is, as happy as can be. Laughing, running, playing with his friends.

and it's all okay.

I never expect it to be, but it always just is.


Then we said goodbye to a chapter closed.

With promises of visits, but I have a feeling that will never be possible.

In time it will be forgotten.

People change. Some die. It just happens.

There will be regrets, and what ifs and memories.

People will say 'get over it' and that it was just a daycare, but to me it was help that was there when I needed it the most. People who were there for me during the worst time in my life. Caring for the person I care about the most every single day. Teaching him when I could not. Loving him for his personality and accepting flowers from him every single morning, even if they were weeds.

and we will miss them.

but I won't miss the pound and a half of sand that came home in his shoes everyday.

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