Oh but I AM the best cooker Mason!

Lately when Mason is angry with me he will give me that "mean eyebrow" look and taunt me with "yeah, well you're not the best cooker". Like that is the most important thing in the world to him, whoever can cook better is his favourite person.

Of course when I make him happy he tells me "Mom, you are the best cooker", which I know is a lie because I have a hard time making Kraft Dinner that doesn't taste like dead animal carcass. Not that I've ever tasted carcass...wait maybe I have, haven't we all when we eat like hamburger and stuff? Blahhhh okay moving on...

Remember that movie Mermaids? The one with Cher and Winona Ryder.

That movie has always been one of my favourites. I don't know why, it wasn't really all that great, but I guess I could just always relate to that movie in a way. Not saying my mom was a slut or Cher (oh I wish...), I just remember watching that movie and being able to relate on many levels. Oh how my teenage mind worked sometimes...ugh!

There is a scene in that movie where Charlotte (Winona Ryder) was going out fishing with a guy that she liked and she was making sandwiches to take with her. While she had her back turned, her mother came along and cut the sandwiches into stars with cookie cutters. For some reason that always stuck with me, probably because I hate crust on bread.

So when Mason demanded asked me nicely to make a cheese sandwich in his lunch to make up for the disgusting applesauce I sent yesterday, I had to oblige. Not only did I make him his beloved cheese sandwiches, I even cut them up into little stars on my grandma's old and faded kitty cutting board (you know, to add a little more nostalgia), because I love him, a lot. So I'm pretty much sure this makes me the best cooker. So there!

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  1. Its only those mommies who love us that cut the crusts off our sandwiches. I am sure that my mom made sammiches just OUT of crusts to show her spite towards us...