There something absolutely magical about the fair. You can go in there feeling totally down and once you are among all the laughing kids, the twinkling lights and the smoking carnival workers(eww) your worries just drift away.

I am almost ashamed to admit that we went to the fair five times this week, but if you've been to the Western Fair, you know that you just can't see everything in one day (unless you are Superman or you don't have a five year old to drag around with you). Plus, I kind of developed a little crush on the farm animals, especially the baby cow that licked Mason's face. He was such a charming little cow and he didn't even smell that bad.

The week of the fair is always exciting for us. Not only is it a sign that fall is just around the corner (fall is my almost-favourite season!) but it also gives me leverage in arguments with M. If he doesn't clean up his toys, I tell him we won't go to the fair and he goes and tidies up, and then some because he absolutely loves the fair. I don't use that all the time, only in extreme circumstances (like when the Hot Wheels are on the floor. Step on those buggers, try it, they HURT!! If you are nodding along right now, I feel your pain. I stepped on a Cadillac today. It hurt. A lot.
One year R. and I went to the fair every single day. We just lived down the street and we led pretty boring lives (pre-Mason) so we would walk over every night. I think he went for the smell of all the food but for me it was always the lights...and the games. I'm a sucker for the midway games. The worst part about it, I am absolutely terrible at the games! I can't win anything...ever! This year I got lucky and won Mason a monkey at a water squirting game. By the end of Saturday night when I knew I wouldn't be returning I just handed the nice game operator 10 tickets and said "just give me a prize" and Mason got a pretty nice stuffed dog. Maybe I will just try that again, but there is just something about  actually winning that makes it much more exciting. Well except when you beat a bunch of kids, then you just look like a big jerk. Which is how I won the monkey, but the feeling I had when I won was so indescribable. Those kids are still young, they'll get over it.

R. was lucky enough to see Mason go to the fair one year. Even though he was only 8 months old and didn't go on any rides, just seeing him in awe of all the lights and sounds, it is an incredible thing. I am lucky to get to see the same reaction four years later, only now the excitement is more verbal and there is a lot more jumping and waving and pant peeing (yeah, I have to talk to him about that). I wonder how long before he won't want to take his mom with him to the fair, or how long before he goes on those big rides that scare the heck outta me all by himself. Hopefully when I'm an old lady he will take me to the fair in my old person wheelchair and dry my pants for me under the hand dryer in the bathroom. Payback's a bitch, right?

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