Goodbye Dancing Man, You Were Mesmerizing

Patrick Swayze died yesterday *gasp* (okay pretend you didn't know that, fact is I'm a little behind on my shit this week so give me a break!).

Patrick Swayze was 57 years old. He was born in Texas. He was a manly ballerina. He was a recovering alcoholic, and then he died of cancer.Patrick Swayze, god of all dancing that is dirty, gone way too soon. Which really got me to thinking.

This is just another sign of me getting old, all the stars of the 80's are dropping like flies. Michael Jackson, Bea Arthur, and now Patrick Swayze. Which just tells me that I am getting old. Well that and saying things like "When I was young we wore bicycle shorts with fluorescent stripes down the side even when we weren't biking", or those random grey eyebrows that keep popping up in the same spot, or washing out Ziploc baggies to use over again (it's a sickness I tell ya) and being annoyed by the girlish screams of teenagers when they see that "Edward" guy on the TV.

Back when I was young, the only cool Edward was Edward Furlong (or Edward Scissorhands if you were in to that sort of thing). You know that guy from Terminator 2 who hadn't quite reached puberty yet so his voice was all squeaky but cuuuute *swoon*. He was a dream boat back in my day. He was on the cover of every teen magazine out there, and I had to buy them all. It was a small fortune, but well worth it because those magazines doubled as wallpaper for my room, much to the dismay of my mother. He was everywhere. He even released an album in Japan that I just had to have, but never did manage to get a hold of, you know before the Internet and all. But enough about Edwards, back to Patrick.

So I really want to share with you all my first Patrick Swayze memory. I was 7 years old. My uncle took me and my cousin to see Dirty Dancing, my very first movie theater experience. I'm not so sure it was the best choice for a kid's first movie, in fact it took me until a couple years ago to really realize what was going on in that movie (don't laugh!).

I remember being in awe of every dirty dance that was up on that big screen, and although I never had a crush on Patrick Swayze like I did on Edward Furlong, or Charlie Sheen for that matter (don't laugh), I remember just being in awe of what I was seeing. The dancing, the music, the "nobody puts Baby in the corner" (even though I kind of thought Baby was a bit of a dog). My uncle told everybody that I just stared at the screen the entire time, never once looking away. I just stared and ate popcorn (which is a pretty awesome talent to eat while not even looking, I could have been eating cockroaches for all I know).
So although I didn't plaster him on my wall, or have a life-sized poster of him wearing white spandex (ooohhh Axl Rose!), Patrick Swayze was a pretty awesome guy with a fascinating life and will definitely be missed by people all around the world. Especially the people who wash out Ziploc baggies and wore bicycle shorts.

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