As I was cooking dinner tonight on my mini single-serve George Foreman, the most depressing kitchen machine ever invented, I found myself caught up in watching the fat drip from the little machine.

I watched the fat droplets one by one drip onto the blue flower Ikea plate (as I lost the George Foreman fat catcher - what are those things called anyway). I thought about the poor little cow that was now dripping onto the plate, the diet all my co-workers are on right now (look at me eating healthy-ish bitches!)and the way the fat pooled and then dripped off together.

After a few minutes I realized I was content. I was happy watching fat drop onto a plate. There was no thoughts of my terrible life, no thoughts of my mom's car being stolen this morning, no thoughts of burglars or house fires, no thoughts of cancer. It was just - content.

...and I know I will be okay.


It's not just fat dripping onto a Swedish kid's plate that are soothing. There are things like watching your son play at the park and hearing his laughs, good friends, ice cream (ice cream always makes things better - unless you are lactose intolerant), watching 31 Christmas falls in 35 seconds on Amercia's Funniest Home Videos and autumn afternoons in the park.

One day I am going to look back on all of this and be able to say yeah it was shitty for a really long time, and there were many set-backs, but I am content now. It was a long battle but I made it.


When bad things stop happening like burglars and fires and cancer and the cancellations of my favourite TV shows. One day things are just bound to go my way again, this is just another one of those bumps in the road.

PS - cooking steak on George Foreman's single person grill is a bad idea - unless you like to eat leather.

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  1. Now I am sad. I thought the post would end with a nice piece of cooked cow but all you got was leather? And who steals an old woman's car? That is just cold. And cancellation of my favorite shows will ALWAYS suck. Glad you got some content moments in your day.

  2. Yeah it was kind of sad wasn't it? My mom ended up getting her car back...with her purse still in it! The thieves took the muffler and the side mirror though...whatevs ;)