First day of school...

Today I learned that my once 8 pound baby now weighs 60 pounds and that he did, in fact, not miss his six month shot as I was told by the crabby receptionist on the phone. He can snap his fingers and almost tie his own shoes. I also learned that he has no problem going off with a group of strangers, looking back only once to wave goodbye.

In a way it was so surreal. There was a time when I had my first day of grade two as a brand new student at this very same school. Also a time when my sister started this school, in the exact same classroom.

and even though he seemed pretty apprehensive about it all for a moment...

his good friend helped him through and he made it to that line-up of children.

Where he proceeded to tell everybody all about his Monkey friend, what he had for snack and pulled out everything in his spaceman knapsack in front of a group of chuckling parents and teachers.
Problems that I played over and over in my mind for that day never happened, in fact, it was all very serene.
and then the line up started to walk away.
and he was gone to learn about popsicle sticks and macaroni necklaces.

When he was completely out of sight, I walked into the office to ask for a copy of the paperwork that I had once received, now lost in the abyss of paperwork in my office somewhere. I only assume it got thrown away or became some work of art.
Leave it to me to lose such information. Rules. Snack ideas. Important info. In fact, I believe if children came with instruction manuals, mine would have been lost within the first week. Because I like drama I guess?
Paperwork could not be found. I was escorted into his classroom, and he looked horrified. Leave it to me to cause a scene on his very first day. Paperwork was found and I left my baby at a school I went to for 5 years. The very school I have the fondest memories of and had to leave far too soon. And I walked home on the same path I walked so many times when I was just a few years older than him.
Today he learned about respect and the gym and they made a picture of themselves, his was of him falling down a ladder. I am almost certain that no other child drew themselves falling down a ladder. I wonder what that means?

...just another step in growing up.

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  1. What adorable photos! I hope his first day went well!

    And don't feel too bad...I lost our paperwork too. Oops!

  2. Even at the age my kids are, I often think I'm more nervous than they are.