Archive Mondays: August 29, 2003

August 29, 2003 (We had gone for our second ultrasound and they were supposed to tell us if we were having a boy or a girl. The technician was a terrible bitch and she gave us a picture of what looked like "The Great Gazoo" only with no elbows. I was convinced my baby had no arms. So I was quiet the whole ride home and when I walked in the door I went in my bed and started bawling. R. Came in and tried to convince me our baby had arms, but I just too stubborn...)

I showed my little brother the horrible picture on msn and he fixed it for me so I could see it better and said that the technician probably had ugly kids and she was jealous of how cute mine is...awww he's such a little sweetie. So I guess now I've come to terms with the picture. I still think it's scary looking and it ruined my whole day yesterday thinking about it and I almost killed everybody in my house when I left dinner unattended on the stove and it caught on FIRE and burnt up the cupboards...but that's all in the past now. My goal now is to get another ultrasound so I don't go on thinking my baby is going to look like this! I really don't know how to go about doing this, but I think it may involve some "crying wolf" any suggestions?

(I'm totally dying over here about the cupboards part! I said it like it was NOTHING. I friggin burnt the cupboards!!!)

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  1. Okay, we need o know...did he have arms?

    Just kidding.

  2. I remember the day I found out Ros was a girl!

    missed reading your blog, girlie!

    programming note: some people have told me that they aren't getting the feed for my blog in their readers since I switched names. You may need to resubscribe (or unfollow and then follow me again.) Sorry for the mixup everyone!!

  3. Carol - Yep, two perfect little arms :)

    Kel - I finally got your feed all up and working again :) So happy!