Walking With Dinosaurs...

On Wednesday (yeah....I know, late!) Mason and I went to see Walking With Dinosaurs thanks to @London_events on Twitter (you guys only just wish you had my super-fast reflexes in order to answer that question so quickly!).

The show was fantastic, remarkable, incredible...until big ugly dinosaurs ate little dinosaur babies...because that totally almost made me cry.

We met some really great characters. Don't worry, those aren't yellow saggy balls (I asked). Just lookin out for my peeps, yo!

Then M got inked on his face! It was so cool, apparently it only hurt a little (I chickened out) and I'm not a huge fan of the brontosaurus, I'm more of a t-rex girl myself.
We waited for the show to start with goofy grins.

...and then there were dinosaurs that looked and sounded totally real, except for the little car thingy under their feet. They also didn't smell bad. I assume that dinosaurs would be smelly. They just totally come off as the smelly guy in class, you know the type? Yeah well that's what I think dinosaurs would smell like. Adam...whatever his name was...he was the smelly guy in class.

...and then one of them pooped a turd bigger than my head. That's when I realized this show did not include scents, which would have been totally cooler. I know just the smell, this one time I was on the bus and a hobo pooped his pants on the seat and it was the worst smell in the world. I'm sure a dinosaur turd would kind of smell like that...and bamboo because I think that's what they were eating.
I forget what dinosaur this is, but if M ever happens to ask you, please confidently say to him that it is a spiky-o-saurus because that's what I told him and I don't like to lie to my kid. Seriously though, this dinosaur was a whole bag of awesome because a t-rex couldn't even eat through his skin! Plus he had a cute face.

..and then the t-rex (pluralized - T-rai?- what is the plural form of t-rex anyway?) came out and I was all like *swoon* I am your biggest fan ever and you were just amazing in Jurassic Park (except when you pushed that boy over that cliff in the car, that was mean). Then I got a little bit scared because I wondered, what if these actually were real dinosaurs and like the elephants at the circus they were trained to do tricks and not eat people. It could happen right? Then I saw the giant pole up its ass and realized that was so silly - but imagine if that really happened and the t-rex went crazy and ate people - then the show would have been insane!
Seriously though, it was a great show, and I don't think the dinosaurs are real, but it would have been so much cooler if they were!

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