This is bad, real bad Michael Jackson...

Yesterday Mason and I had some errands to run (grocery store on a Saturday - boo!). We were driving along and this song comes on, that I hardly ever listen to, that I don't really like, that I listen to over and over again:

Not so much sure if the video is totally awesome, or totally hilarious, maybe a bit of both?

In the song, Kanye sings "This is bad, real bad Michael Jackson". Mason, who was sitting quietly in the back seat, perks up and shouts "Michael Jackson is alive???"

Whoa, whoa wait a second here, who told him he died and how the heck does he know who Michael Jackson is? I had to explain to him that people just can't come back to life, unless they are brain-eating zombies. I left that part out though because I wanted to get a good sleep without having someone in my bed grinding his teeth and crying about zombies. You know how it is.

Then I thought wouldn't it be cool if we could bring people back from death without being zombies or evil like that Gus guy in Pet Cematary 2? Who would you bring back? Of course I would have to bring back R. Wouldn't it be strange though. I'm such a different person now, and who knows how he would come back! Like what if he came back all normal and then turned evil in a few years and I had to cut off his zombie head? That would be tragic - plus I would probably go to jail.

I would probably also bring back Heath Ledger. Just because it was so sad and unexpected that he died.

For good measure, I might even bring back Michael Jackson. His family misses him a lot and I'm getting a little tired of hearing about his death on the news. Not only that, if he did turn into a zombie in a few years, he could go on and do a "Thriller" tour and nobody would even know he was really a zombie!

Of course I would have to bring back Elvis at well because I think he would be a pretty awesome dude, I bet he would be a mean-ass zombie though.

This is getting silly now...and I'm afraid of zombies so I will leave it there. Who would you like to bring back to life (even with knowing that they could possibly turn into a zombie in a few years)

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