Sometimes things just work out for us....

The daycare situation has been a thorn in my side for well over a year now. It has been eating at me day and night to the point where I would get irritable when the situation would be brought up. School is scary enough, but not being able to find childcare to work around your child's schooling hours is pretty frustrating.

In the back of my mind, I wasn't worried because for some reason everything seems to work out for us. It happens at the last possible moment, just when I'm about to give up and throw a hissy fit, things just seem to work themselves out. Well except for the time R. died, that didn't really work out when I expected it to - but I'm not going there right now.

So things work out, they always do, but why must they wait until the last possible moment? I mean, I'm happy things work out, but why do I have to go through all the stress and irritation over it until they happen.

I decided the daycare thing was taking too long to happen, so I had to make it happen myself. Yesterday I called the daycare and the director to check on our status on the list. It turned out, we were in second place. Now here's where it gets better, the people in first place were left a message and they had until the end of the day to let the director know if they wanted to take the space or not. I only had to hope that the other family was a bunch of serial killers or the guy who almost drove into my car that day on the way home while talking on his cellphone - and hope that they were either incarcerated or on vacation so they wouldn't get that spot. Anything that made me feel better about screwing someone else over, right? See I'm a nice person!

So this morning I hovered over the phone, and I got the call! Somehow I knew I would get the call, because as I said before, things just always work out for us. I consider it payment for making the rest of my life hell until they work out.

Or maybe things really do work themselves out. Maybe that's just it, when you have a shitty deal, things usually work out (I can't say always because I'm not a scientist or anything) but think about a situation you've been in and now think of how it worked out, and if it hasn't worked out, think of ways you can make it come along (like making a phone call on the right day at the right time).

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, things will work out if you want them to bad enough, but you have to do a little bit of work to get to that point. So make that phone call, it might do you some good and take a little stress away.

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  1. I always like to think about how insignifigant many of my day to day worries will be. Even a month from now, what causes me so much stress will seem so silly. Many things do just "work themselves out" or turn out to be of far smaller impact than they originally appear to be.

  2. Right now, phone calls are causing me greater stress.

    While Dakota is away at camp we await her calls and everyday has become a guessing game as to whether we ought to go bring her back.

  3. Jason - It's a funny thing, seems like a waste to stress over the "little things" but imagine how hard it would be to program out that stress part of our brain, and then if we even managed to do that, how do we know it would work out all the time because then we wouldn't put any effort into making things happen....ugh such a long topic! ;)

    Carol - What's going on with camp?? Sounds pretty stressful :/