So bike riding may not be the sport for us...

Mason began riding a two wheeler a month (or so) ago, so he's really not the greatest bike rider. There have been incidents where he has swerved and caused people to almost collide on the bike path (I am still really sorry about that!).

So when we came to the gigantic hill, I warned the young rider that he should walk his bike down, but it was too late, he went flying down the hill, laughing the entire way while my heart was probably 600bpm and I think I peed my pants a little. He wobbled like a drunk riding down the hill, and when he made it, both wheels still on the pavement, I sighed and kept on. Every little hill we came to I turned around and warned him to be careful, but his confidence was high and he loved the hills. I should have known this wasn't going to end well.

Anyway, we made it to the splash pad with no major incidents. It was on the way back that I let my guard down. I figured he knew how to ride, he was having fun. All of a sudden, he swerved, into a pole. His face (and his helmet) stopped him. I can't imagine the kind of pain or injury he would have had without his helmet. The helmet that I bitched about having to spend $30 on could have possibly saved his brain, or his life, depending how you look at it.

Anyway, his poor little face is a mess! I was already on my way down the hill (that wasn't even that big) and I couldn't stop! I put my foot down and hurt my toe because I was so afraid he was hurt a lot worse than he was.

When I got back to him he was getting up, spitting blood all over the straps of that $30 helmet which now has little cracks in the front. He was screaming like a maniac and I panicked when I couldn't see his teeth through all the blood (luckily they were there, just hiding in the mess).

To make matters worse, there was no other choice than to ride home as we were still pretty far away. The rest of the ride was spent listening to him wailing and complaining about having to ride.

I doubt he will want to go for a bike ride for a long time!

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