Office Space (this is embarassing!)

This is my office (even after a quick tidy!)

This is my shelf of miscellaneous items that make me happy (and some Avon crap)This is the zoo. You will notice the chameleon cage is still there. The chameleon died months ago.
Even my child can't keep his desk area clean!

Today I got tired of this room so I decided today was the day things were going to change around here. Two things this room needed: 1) a bomb 2) organization.
This is really the only picture I took with my shelf of awesome stuff in it...mainly because the shelf itself would take all day to organize so I kind of skipped that part. Just imagine it's neat and organized....I kind of like it messy though, adds character.
Check out the zoo! Chameleon cage is gone *sniff* and all the pet items are in the drawers or behind the aquarium....which I also cleaned out as well (I was on a roll!). M's desk area is tidier, I still have to get a magic eraser to wipe off his desk. I added a chair because I love that chair, and it was just getting all yucky in the basement.
Now my favourite part...the gross/clutterized desk has now been organized into a organizational superstar. There is a place for everything! I added another desk to form a L-shaped desk. I know it looks a little tacky, but just think of all the room I now have (to clutter up!). I added a candle because everything looks nicer with a candle.

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