Happy Birthday Sister [FULL VERSION]

Yeah Yeah I'm late...but I like this pic and I thought I would post it for your birthday (which was actually 2 days ago...) but anywayyyyyy...love you much!

Update: I thought this post was a little on the "lighter" side, so I decided to add some juicy info to it to sweeten it up a bit (err....I hope anyway).

When my sister was born, I was 8 years old (and freakishly cute - see above). I didn't want any brothers or sisters and in fact, the way I remember it, my mom got really fat, sent me away to stay with my aunt and a week later came to pick me up with a baby. Oh but wait, she did call me and asked me what I wanted to name my sister before that.

Remember that show "Growing Pains", well I used to love that show...like obsessively. So when my mom called to ask what we should name my new baby sister, I said "Carol". For those who remember, Carol was the annoying sister on that show that nobody liked (well I didn't think they did anyway). I picked that name because I hated Carol and would probably hate my sister too.

Turns out, I only hated her sometimes because I was, and still am, cranky sometimes. Like the time she called me a name and kicked her in the face and begged her not to tell on me, or the time when she drank my Pepsi from the fridge. I guess I only hated her for a little bit after she was born though because I look ridiculously happy in that picture.

I don't hate her now, other than the fact that she is ridiculously younger than me and at a fun age. She's pretty cool tho and I love her lots and we never ever fight, unless we live together, and she has two babies who are my nieces and I love them too.

Sister, I love you, hope you had a happy birthday and sorry I couldn't be there to party like I was 20 again with you!

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  1. thats so nice. i love to dig out old family pics. happy bday to your sis!

  2. The name CAROL totally rocks. I'm sure your sister you tell you that though...LOL

  3. Tina - I wish I could find the rest of mine, I would have things to blog about forever if I could but my mom took the album and can't find it now!

    Carol - Carol is a beautiful name...but it's just the character I hated ;)